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Like most music fans, my inbox often contains emails to YouTube links,
so I thought it would be good to highlight the best of them.

Here’s another fine spot by my pal Mark Taylor. The newly reunited NWOBHM combo Vardis performing ‘Too Many People’ and ‘Let’s Go’ on a TV show called Calendar Goes Pop back in 1980.

Yes, it’s Vardis again! Horns up as the reunited NWOBHM combo tear through their classic
‘If I Were King’ at Brofest#2 in Newcastle a couple of weekends ago.

Here’s YouTube selection #96. I’ve really been digging ‘We Are The Ones To Fall’, the new (non-album) single from the young Finnish rockers Santa Cruz. Check it out!

Stumbled upon this Aerosmith footage whilst transcribing an interview with Joe Perry for the Download Festival official programme. It brought back some great memories. Nice vox pops with Nigel Mogg and Dan Reed at the end, too!

I stumbled upon this little gem at the Facebook page of my pal AOR-worshipping buddy Rob Evans. A complete Styx show from a tour to promote the ‘Pieces Of Eight’ album in 1978. Okay it’s in black and white, but don’t let that put you off!

How better to celebrate Mr Big’s upcoming UK one-off show and a solo tour from their singer Eric Martin than this full-length show from the Roxy in LA back in August 1999. Now where did I put that Black & Decker drill?

Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson in a Fokker DR1 replica ratt-tatt-tatts with the Great War Display Team in the skies over Knebworth Park back in June. Their view was considerably better than ours, but this is stirring stuff!

This wonderful recent clip of US pompmeisters New England playing their first full length show since 1983 was spotted by my good friend Malcolm Dome. I'm sure you'll agree, it's bloody great!

Well, here it is… Don't Leave Me This Way, the fabled documentary on Brian Connolly, troubled lead singer of my favourite childhood band The Sweet. Filmed in 1996, a year before he died. Beware: if you're a fan, this is very, very hard to watch.

This month's YouTube is a complete no brainer. The final song of the very final Firefest.
Excuse me, I've something in my eye...

Now here's a clip to send my good friend Neil Pudney all weak at the knees. 34 minutes of Rush performing at the Capitol Theater, New Jersey, in 1976. Okay, it's in black a white but… Jeez, it's great!

For those that may have missed it, Status Quo's full Aquostic show at London's Roundhouse on October 22, 2014. Take a look, it's *way* better than you might have believed...

Here’s another fine spot by my pal Mark Taylor. The newly reunited NWOBHM combo Vardis performing ‘Too Many People’ and ‘Let’s Go’ on a TV show called Calendar Goes Pop back in 1980.

Check this out… a full-length Robin Trower show from the Winterland in San Francisco in 1975. Quite a few classic shows from the Winterland are now available – essential viewing!

Despite the presenter’s somewhat dazed intro, this is bloody great. Twisted Sister on the TV show The Tube way back in 1982 – the moment that saved their career!

Some footage of Quo’s Rick Parfitt out in Germany on the Rock Meets Classic tour. Great to see him looking so well, and I love the headbanging conductor. Thanks to Patty Parfitt for bringing it to my attention.

Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx recently referred to this onstage riot, which took place during a gig in Phoenix, Arizona, among the highlights of his career. On paper that sounds utterly stupid, but Jeez… take a look at it.

And onto YouTube #110: Kirk Hammett of Metallica jams on versions of UFO's 'Natural Thing' and 'Blackout' by the Scorps with one of his all-time heroes, Michael Schenker, at the Rockbar in San Jose, California, on May, 3, 2015. (Note: Hammett enters the fray at 4:44).

There are no visuals with this one, I'm afraid, but check out a mixing desk quality recording of Van Halen's gig at the Hammersmith Odeon in London on June 1, 1978 (supporting Black Sabbath).

As Rush's R40 tour draws to a close and fans wonder whether or not the Canadians will ever venture out onto the road again, how more timely could this YouTube Of The Month possibly be? A full two-and-a-half-hour show from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. Enjoy…

Don't mind admitting that I nicked this clip of Dare live at the Town & Country Club in London from the Facebook wall of their guitarist Vinny Burns. Six great tracks performed for TV in 1989 – enjoy!

I'm loving this month's selection. Spotted on the Facebook wall of the band's original singer Allan Atkins, ultra-rare footage of Judas Priest's set at the Reading Festival in 1975, filmed on Super 8. I've an audio recording of the show, but it's great seeing the band in such an embryonic stage of their existence!

This is great! Who wouldn't love to have been in the crowd on the night that Aerosmith's Steven Tyler jumped onstage to join The Cadillac Three, my favourite new band of the moment, at the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville?

Ladies and gentlemen, for your audio delectation may I present Winger, live in concert with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, performing 'Headed For A Heartbreak'? Enjoy!

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