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Like most music fans, my inbox often contains emails to YouTube links, so I thought it would be good to highlight the best of them.

The sad news that Saga are to call it a day in this their 40th year of existence prompted me to dig out this vintage clip from the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund from Michael Sadler's moustachioed years!

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Newly uploaded to the interweb, this hour-long TV special on Girlschool dates back to 1983. Uncertain of which gig was filmed but I attended all three Girlschool shows played at the Marquee Club between June 28-30 (Enid Williams guested with them on the final night, trivia fans!)

Not so very long ago Walter Trout was at death's door. What a difference a couple of years make! Lifted from his Facebook place, here's the great man playing blues in his neighbour's garden as 2016 rolled around.

In honour of two truly great men no longer with us, I present: Motörhead on Tiswas! Oh, and Sally James…. Mmmmmmmm! *Licks lips*

For the first time in an aeon I revisited this track by Hear 'N Aid whilst penning a tribute to Jimmy Bain, who co-wrote the song in 1985. What an all-you-can-eat banquet of cheese! I'd completely forgotten that Adrian Smith and Davey Murray were on it… and Geoff Tate's quiff is incredible. Ditto the ever-modest Kevin DuBrow's low-key pink jacket!

Here's a nice one that I happened to spot a while ago on the Facebook page of John McCoy - Gillan performing live on Japanese TV back in 1978. Terrific stuff!

This version of the prog-rock supergroup Transatlantic playing the Genesis classic 'The Return Of The Giant Hogweed' along with special guest Steve Hackett at the High Voltage Festival in 2010 is just amazing.

Check this out! It's brilliant! Y&T's entire face-melting set from the Reading Festival on August 29, 1982, promoting the 'Earthshaker' album.

Fellow Maiden fans, check this out – high quality, full-length footage of the band's show at New York's Madison Square Garden on March 30, 2016.

Here are my old mates Chariot (with their original guitarist Scott Biaggi) tearing up a storm on Channel 4's now legendary Friday evening show ECT with 'Vigilante' back in 1985. I'm there in the crowd... somewhere! Somebody really should put together all of those clips to make a full length DVD.

I really love this one, brought to my attention by my Scottish pal Steve Leslie. Six minutes of gonzoid genius from the Bon Scott-fronted AC/DC on October 27th 1977. Thanks Stevie!

Sadly, there's no visual to accompany this one but it remains a bit of a golden find (courtesy of my pal Andy Marden). May I present an hour-plus of the Jackie Lynton Band, plus special guest Ritchie Blackmore, performing live at a pub (the King's Head, maybe?) in Fulham in 1987. For what it's worth, I'd query that date, but it's great!

If my childhood could be distilled into three minutes and 51 seconds.

I never tire of hearing this most gorgeous of songs - 'Reeling In The Years' by Steely Dan. It contains Jimmy Page's all-time favourite guitar solo, fact fans: short but perfectly formed!

Dave Ling Online

One for fellow fans of the band Stray. A very clever mash-up of footage from the band's 50th anniversary gig at the Borderline and earlier, more hirsute times. Spotted on the Facebook wall of their current drummer, Karl Randall. Enjoy!

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