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December 2020
1) The Wildhearts - ‘Thirty Year Itch, ’91-’21’ (Round - Double-live gatefold in-concert experience)
2) Dream Theater - ‘Distant Memories: Live In London’ (Inside Out - Jaw-droppingly expansive CD/DVD package)
3) Manowar - ‘Black Wind, Fire & Steel: The Atlantic Years, 1987-1992’ (Hear No Evil - Three-CD collection… disbelievers, leave the hall)
4) Iron Butterfly - ‘Unconscious Power: An Anthology 1967-1971’ (Esoteric Recordings - Essential seven-disc crash course…)
5) Liar - ‘Set The World On Fire’ (Escape Music - Re-mastered edition of a underrated pomp-rock classic)
6) Blue Öyster Cult - ‘Live At The Rock Of Ages Festival, July 30 2016’ (Frontiers - Another enjoyable CD/DVD package)
7) Mike Tramp - ‘Trampthology’ (Target - Double-disc reprise of the Dane’s solo career, plus four extra tracks)
8) DGM - ‘Tragic Separation’ (Frontiers - Superior melodic progressive metal; this’ll hit you like a freight train!)
9) Dan Reed - ‘Liftoff’ (Zero One - Soothing Sunday morning sounds; ‘Deeper Than Our Fear’ is gorgeous)
10) Magic Dance - ‘Remnants’ (Frontiers - Hard-driving, mega-hummable melodic hard rock)
11) Rhinoceros - ‘The Elektra Albums 1968-1970’ (Esoteric Recordings - Assembled by the Doors’ producer Paul Rothchild, this band never quite lived up to their potential)
12) Vanden Plas - ‘The Ghost Xpermiment: IIIumnation’ (Frontiers - The closing part of the German prog-metallers’ concept piece)
13) Brion James - ‘Heal’ (Zero One - Sun kissed, laid back solo disc from Dan Reed Network guitarist)
14) LA Guns - ‘Renegades’ (Golden Robot - I prefer the Lewis/Guns line-up, obviously, but this was a pleasant surprise)
15) Fraternity - ‘Seasons Of Change, The Complete Recordings 1970-1974’ (Lemon Recording - Bon Scott’s pre-AC/DC hippy years; quaint…)
16) Edenbridge - ‘The Chronicles Of Eden, Part 2’ (SPV - Compilation of the best bits from albums number five to ten)
17) Unruly Child - ‘Our Glass House’ (Frontiers - Starts well but peters our disappointingly…)
18) Neal Morse - ‘Jesus Christ - The Exorcist, Live At Morsefest 2018’ (Frontiers - Exhaustive three-disc set; listen in small bursts and it’s very good)
19) Ward XVI - ‘Metamorphosis’ (Metal Rocka - Appealingly bonkers mix of metal, doom, prog, goth and soundtrack music)
20) Persuader - ‘Necromancy’ (Frontiers - Good ‘n’ powerful, Swedish melodic power-metal)

November 2020
1) Uriah Heep - ‘50 Years In Rock’ (BMG - Lavish 25-disc boxed set celebrates a remarkable legacy… and it ain’t over yet!)
2) Cats In Space - ‘Atlantis’ (Harmony Factory - More bombastic, more technicolour and even more melodic than ever before)
3) Iron Maiden - ‘Nights Of The Dead: Legacy Of The Beast, Live In Mexico City’ (Parlophone - Audio-only documentation of the greatest heavy metal show on earth)
4) Big Big Train - ‘Empire’ (English Electric - I *still* can’t believe I missed this gig, but here’s the DVD to rub salt into the wound)
5) Vambo - ‘Vambo Deluxe’ (Goliath - Their red-hot debut now comes with five bonus tracks)
6) Jump - ‘Breaking Point’ (Festival Music - Great, incisive words and striking, extravagant melodies)
7) Heavy Pettin - ‘Best Of’ (Burnt Out Wreckords - 14 songs from the band’s three albums… a decent beginner’s guide)
8) Ian Dury - ‘Hit Me! The Best Of’ (BMG - A triple-disc career anthology; it’s largely patchy but often brilliant!)
9) Hawkwind - ‘50th Anniversary Live’ (Cherry Red - Double-disc set portrays a birthday party to remember)
10) Palace - ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio’ (Frontiers - More AOR technoflash from the brilliantly named Michael Palace)
11) Jeff Scott Soto - ‘Wide Awake (In My Dreamland’ (Frontiers - Super-classy, melodic hard rock)
12) Eclipse - ‘Viva La VicTOURia’ (Frontiers – The increasingly popular Swedish hard rockers offer a debut live album)
13) American Tears - ‘Free Angel Express’ (Deko Entertainment - Mark Mangold presents more guitar-free, proggy hard rock)
14) Heartwind - ‘Strangers’ (Escape Music - Crunchy, slick, air-punching radio-rock)
15) Procol Harum - ‘Something Magic’ (Esoteric Recordings - Their 1977 set gets the full revamp treatment)
16) Death Angel - ‘The Enigma Years (1987-1990)’ (Hear No Evil - Four-disc set, including collection of rarities)
17) Heather Findlay - ‘Live White Horses’ (Black Sand - Beautiful document of her most recent tour, but hurry… only 500 copies exist)
18) Jon Anderson - ‘Song Of Seven’ (Esoteric Recordings - Re-mastered, expanded edition of The Cosmic Pixie’s 1980 solo album)
19) Billion Dollar Babies - ‘Battle Axe’ (Hear No Evil - Triple-disc, bells and whistles version of their album from 1977)
20) Kevin Burt - ‘Stone Crazy’ (Gulf Coast - Smooth yet electrifying blues-rock)

October 2020

1) Blue Öyster Cult - ‘The Symbol Remains’ (Frontiers - As good a comeback disc from BÖC as anybody could have hoped)

2) White Lion - ‘All You Need Is Rock ‘N’ Roll - The Complete Albums 1985-1991’ (Hear No Evil - Five-disc set, including the quintessential ‘Pride’)

3) Pride Of Lions - ‘Lion Heart’ (Frontiers - Another set of colossal singalong chewns from Jim Peterik)

4) Stardust - ‘Highway To Heartbreak’ (Frontiers - A massively promising debut from these Hungarians)

5) Stray - ‘Roll Up!’ (Monstrous Child - Electrifying single-disc live album of their 100 Club show in November 2019)

6) Them - ‘Return To Hemmersmoor’ (SPV - The concluding part of a cheesily theatrical horror-thrash-power metal trilogy)

7) Gotthard - ‘Steve Lee: The Eyes Of A Tiger’ (Nuclear Blast - Unplugged tribute to one of melodic rock’s all-time great singers)

8) Dyble Longdon - ‘Between A Breath And A Breath’ (English Electric - Enchanting stuff… RIP Judy)

9) Signal Red - ‘Alien Nation’ (Escape Music - Forceful song structures, deep-tread melodies and the exquisite voice of Lee Small)

10) Mike Tramp - ‘Second Time Around’ (Target - Mr Tramp re-boots his ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Circuz’-era tunes) 

11) The Sword - ‘Conquest Of Kingdoms’ (Craft Recordings - Awesome triple-vinyl collection of career-spanning rarities)

12) Spell - ‘Opulent Decay’ (Bad Omen - An ear-catching mish-mash of influences from the 1970s)

13) Voodoo Six - ‘Simulation Game’ (Explorer 1 - New album, new singer, new lease of life… I like it!)

14) The Georgia Thunderbolts - ‘The Georgia Thunderbolts EP’ (Mascot - Five-song intro to a fine Southern band from Rome, Georgia)

15) Mike Ross - ‘The Clovis Limit, Pt 2’ (Taller Records - Dark, fuzzed-up, full-throttle blues-rock)

16) Samurai - ‘Samurai’ (Esoteric Recordings - Newly expanded and re-mastered version of this proggy obscurity from 1971)

17) Linda Hoyle - ‘Pieces Of Me’/‘The Fetch’ (Esoteric Recordings - Jazzy, laid-back singer/songwriter fare)

18) Kat Riggins - ‘Cry Out’ (Gulf Coast - Sultry, often funky blues-rock, produced by Mike Zito)

19) Hell In The Club - ‘Hell Of Fame’ (Frontiers - Curiously compulsive melodic metal from Italy)

20) Landfall - ‘The Turning Point’ (Frontiers - Formulaic yet cheerful melodic hard rock, Brazilian-style)

September 2020
1) Fish - ‘Weltschmerz’ (Chocolate Frog - The big Scotsman wraps his solo career with a moment of true career-defining greatness)
2) Trapeze - ‘Trapeze’/‘Medusa’/ ‘You Are The Music We’re Just The Band’ (Purple - Newly expanded, re-mastered editions)
3) Slade - ‘Cum On Feel The Noize - The Best Of’ (BMG - 43 mainly hooliganistic tracks from 1971 to 1991)
4) Louisiana’s Le Roux - ‘One Of Those Days’ (Blue Coast - Their first in 20 years; soothing melodic rock marinated Cajurn-style)
5) Perfect Plan - ‘Time For A Miracle’ (Frontiers - For fans of Survivor, Foreigner, Giant, Europe and The Storm)
6) Brother Firetribe - ‘Feel The Burn’ (Odyssey Music - The classy Finns survive the exit of guitarist Emppu Vuorinen with ease)
7) Fierce Heart - ‘War For The World’ (Dark Star - Fiery guitar and cool, super-memorable hooks. Dokken fans will drool)
8) Jim Kirkpatrick - ‘Ballad Of A Prodigal Son’ (US One - FM guitarist steps out of the shadows in tremendous style)
9) Raven - ‘Metal City’ (SPV - It should’ve been called 'Meta-a-a-a-a-a-a-al Ci-i-i-i-i-i-i-ity'. They missed a trick)
10) Overland - ‘Scandalous’ (Escape Music - A pleasing, sunny, mid-Atlantic vibe that’s occasionally reminiscent of the Doobie Brothers)
11) Ayreon - ‘Transitus’ (Music Theories Recordings - A gothic ghost story narrated by none other than Tom Baker)
12) Jefferson Starship - ‘Mother Of The Sun’ (Golden Robot - Six-track mini-album… their first collection of new songs in 12 years)
13) Louise Patricia Crane - ‘Deep Blue’ (Bad Omen - Haunting, Celtic-tinged prog-lite)
14) Glenn Hughes - ‘The Official Bootleg Box Set - Volume Three: 1995-2010’ (Purple - Does what it says on the tin…)
15) Various Artists - ‘Jobcentre Rejects, Volume 3: Ultra Rare NWOBHM 1978-1983’ (On The Dole - More exhumed gems… rough ‘n’ ready, but worth prospecting!)
16) Various Artists - ‘Jobcentre Rejects, Volume 4: Ultra Rare FWOSHM 1978-1983’ (On The Dole - An investigation of obscure Swedish hard rock and metal)
17) Stryper - ‘Even The Devil Believes’ (Frontiers - Utterly ridiculous title… pretty decent album)
18) Mike Zito - ‘Quarantine Blues’ (Gulf Coast - Made largely in solitude and often you’d have guessed the fact)
19) Roy Wood & Wizzard - ‘Main Street’ (Esoteric Recordings - New version of Roy’s long-lost album from 1976)
20) Simon Collins - ‘Becoming Too Human’ (Frontiers - Enjoyed it briefly before a descent into realm of the wishy-washy)

August 2020
1) Lionheart - The Reality Of Miracles’ (Metaville - 55 minutes of startling depth, accomplishment and finesse)
2) Mitch Perry Group - ‘Music Box’ (Mitchperry.com - A masterclass in melodic, funky rock ‘n’ roll)
3) The Allman Betts Band - ‘Bless Your Heart’ (BMG - More inspiring, sizzling, soulful Southern rock from Gregg and Dickey’s sons)
4) Lionville - ‘Magic Is Alive’ (Frontiers - A smorgasbord of heart-rending ballads and pulsating rockers)
5) Kansas - ‘The Absence Of Presence’ (Inside Out - Their unlikely post-Livgren renaissance continues…)
6) Deep Purple - ‘Whoosh!’ (Ear Music - Still defying retirement in the most emphatic way possible)
7) Dukes Of The Orient - ‘Freakshow’ (Frontiers - A fantastic, overblown fusion of summery AOR and pomp-laden prog)
8) Lynne Jackaman - ‘One Shot’ (lynnejackamanmusic.com - Light on guitar but what an incredible voice and those grooves are super-slinky!)
9) Lonely Robot - ‘Feelings Are Good’ (Inside Out - The Astronaut reveals a human soul beneath the space suit)
10) Mad Max - ‘Stormchild Rising’ (SPV - Its tunes seduce the ears with the skill of a much practised lothario)
11) Back Street Crawler - ‘Atlantic Years 1975-1976’ (Hear No Evil - Four discs of studio and live material, including Kossoff’s last gig)
12) Various Artists - ‘NWOBHM Thunder: 1978-1986’ (Hear No Evil - Three discs of established names and worthy minnows)
13) Barclay James Harvest - ‘Barclay James Harvest And Other Short Stories’ (Esoteric Recordings - Re-mastered three-disc clamshell edition)
14) Blue Öyster Cult - ‘45th Anniversary - Live In London’ (Frontiers - Revisiting their self-titled debut… I was there!)
15) Unicorn - ‘The Recordings’ (Esoteric Recordings - Re-mastered versions of their three LPs from the ’70s, plus bonus rarities disc)
16) Fortune - ‘The Gun’s Still Smokin’ - Live’ (Frontiers - The obscure US melodic rockers captured onstage in April 2019)
17) Vicious Rumors - ‘Celebration Decay’ (SPV - These enduring US power-metallers have still got what it takes)
18) Ramos - ‘My Many Sides’ (Frontiers - Special guest-laden return for Josh Ramos of The Storm, Hardline and Two Fires fame)
19) Black Rose Maze - ‘Black Rose Maze’ (Frontiers - Female-fronted melodic rock with a strong contemporary flavour)
20) Prins Svart - ‘Under Jord’ (Musica Ex Machina - Gnarly, hard hitting, Swedish-language classic rock)

July 2020
1) Primal Fear - ‘Metal Commando’ (Nuclear Blast - German metalheads strike a rich seam of gold… again!)
2) Tokyo Motor Fist - ‘Lions’ (Frontiers - Absolutely terrible name, but a bloody great melodic rock band)
3) Hustler - ‘Reloaded’ (Black Cat - Long-lost UK hard rockers reunite 44 years later with a right l’il belter)
4) Enuff Z’Nuff - ‘Brainwashed Generation’ (Frontiers - Album number 15; you know what to expect, and they deliver)
5) Pinnacle Point - ‘Symphony Of Mind’ (Escape Music - For fans of Kansas… a bit of a rip-off, in truth, but I still love it)
6) Massive Wagons - ‘House Of Noise’ (Earache - A winning mix of riffs, hooks and laughs)
7) Tony Mitchell - ‘Church Of A Restless Soul’ (AOR Heaven - A welcome return for the former Kiss Of The Gypsy frontman)
8) Shining Black (Featuring Mark Boals & Olaf Thorsen) - ‘Shining Black’ (Surging, glimmering melodic metal)
9) Bloody Heels - ‘Ignite The Sky’ (Frontiers - They call it ‘dark AOR’ but it’s melodic metal with a dash of guy-liner)
10) Michael Grant & The Assassins - Always The Villain’ (Frontiers - The label dips its toes into alternative rock and metal… and it works pretty well!)

June 2020

1) Vega - ‘Grit Your Teeth’ (Frontiers - One in the eye for those that say rock music can’t change without keeping its edge)

2) Tesla - ‘Five Man London Jam’ (Universal Music - Unplugged at Abbey Road… I was there!)

3) Stephen Dale Petit - ‘2020 Visions’ (333 Records - If this is blues music, it’s pretty damned thunderous…)

4) Corky Laing - ‘Toledo Sessions’ (Prudential Records - The ex-Mountain drummer goes back to his roots)

5) Nick D’Virgilio - ‘Invisible’ (English Electric - Big Big Train drummer tells a conceptual tale with the help of some familiar faces)

6) Dion - ‘Blues With Friends’ (Keeping The Blues Live - …And what a set of friends; Jeff Beck, Billy Gibbons, Bonamassa, Springsteen and more)

7) Electric Mob - ‘Discharge’ (Frontiers - A debut filled with plenty of promise from these Brazilian hard rockers)

8) Smackbound - ‘20/20’ (Frontiers - Versatile female-fronted metal from Finland)

9) Dave Cousins & The Blue Angel Orchestra - ‘The Boy In The Sailor Suit’ (Esoteric Recordings - 2007 solo album from Strawbs frontman given the overhaul treatment)

10) Paralydium - ‘Worlds Beyond’ (Frontiers - Swedish progressive-metal with a delicious melodic vibe)

May 2020
1) Robert Jon & The Wreck - ‘Last Light On The Highway’ (This beaut will be in my Top 20 of the year!)
2) Genesis - ‘Nursery Cryme’/‘Selling England By The Pound’ (Virgin - Lockdown-fuelled purchases, on CD for me for the first time)
3) Def Leppard - ‘Hysteria At The O2’ (Eagle Rock - 2 x CD and DVD of in-its-entirety performance)
4) Captain Black Beard - ‘Sonic Forces’ (AOR Heaven - Mirrorball-tastic groovy AOR, for fans of Night Flight Orchestra)
5) Champlin-Williams-Friestedt - ‘CWF II’ (Black Lodge - Heavenly West Coast AOR)
6) Triumph - ‘Classics’ (Round Hill - A collection from 1989 pressed on double-silver vinyl, with bonus tracks)
7) Saga - ‘The Collection’ (Universal - Three CD-anthology of this wonderful Canadian band)
8) Hawklords - ‘Alive In Concert’ (Shellshock - Single-disc recording of an excellent 2019 live show in Chester)
9) Hawkwind - ‘Roadhawks’ (Atomhenge - Their 1976 ‘best-of’ returns on CD and vinyl)
10) Be-Bop Deluxe - ‘Axe Victim’ (Esoteric Recordings - Double-disc overhaul of their album from 1974)
11) These Wicked Rivers - ‘Eden’ (Rock People - Heavy blues meets Southern rock… niiiice!)
12) House Of Lords - ‘New World - New Eyes’ (Frontiers - The latest in a long line of extremely listenable records)
13) Ken Hensley - ‘Tales Of Live Fire & Other Mysteries’ (Hear No Evil - Five-CD round-up of material from 2012 to ’13)
14) Blue Öyster Cult - ‘iHeart Radio Theater NYC 2012’ (Frontiers - CD/DVD of gig to mark the band’s 40th anniversary)
15) Cryptex - ‘Once Upon A Time’ (SPV - Colourful, delightfully bonkers prog-rock from Germany)
16) Room Experience - ‘Another Time And Place’ (Art Of Melody Music - An international array of performers serves up platter of 1980s AOR)
17) Magnus Karlsson’s Freefall - ‘We Are The Night’ (Frontiers - Stirringly melodic power meta-a-a-al!)
18) Strawbs - ‘Burning For You’/‘Heartbreak Hill’ (Esoteric Recordings - Expanded and re-mastered versions of LPs from 1977 and ’78)
19) Pretty Maids - ‘Maid In Japan: Future World 30th Anniversary’ (Frontiers - Live in Tokyo in 2018)
20) John Blues Boyd - ‘What My Eyes Have Seen…’ (Gulf Coast - Firm, fruity and massively enjoyable blues)
21) Alan Merrill - ‘It’s Always Rock ‘N’ Roll’ (Merrill Entertainment - Worthy posthumous album from the late Arrows frontman)
22) Ronan Furling - ‘Diotima’s Ascent’ (Thoroughbred Music - A hugely appealing hotchpotch of musical ideas)
23) The Proven Ones - ‘You Ain’t Done’ (Gulf Coast - Highly melodic blues-rock, produced by Mike Zito)
24) Her Chariot Awaits - ‘Her Chariot Awaits’ (Frontiers - Punchy, melodic female-fronted metal)
25) Snowy White - ‘Lucky Star - An Anthology 1983-1994’ (Esoteric Recordings - A hit and miss six-CD trawl through the guitarist’s post-Lizzy years)

April 2020
1) Dennis DeYoung - ‘26 East: Vol 1’ (Frontiers - Co-founder of Styx unveils a prime slab of melodic pomp, with Vol 2 to follow)
2) Testament - ‘Titans Of Creation’ (Nuclear Blast - A freight train of thrash-metal awesomeness)
3) Marillion - ‘Script For A Jester’s Tear’ (Parlophone - Deluxe 4-CD/Blu-ray edition of their debut from 1983)
4) FM - ‘Synchronised’ (Frontiers - Will this band’s purple patch of form never end?!)
5) Sir Lord Baltimore - ‘The Complete Recordings 1970-2006’ (Hear No Evil - Their self-titled debut is just outta this world!!!)
6) Nightwish - ‘Human. :II: Nature.’ (Nuclear Blast - Another expected turn from the Finnish symphonic-metallers)
7) One Desire - ‘Midnight Empire’ (Frontiers - A little more adventurous than their debut, but still bloody great)
8) The Dowling Poole - ‘See You See Me’ (369 Music - Magnificently moreish and intelligent pop-pop)
9) Fish On Friday - ‘Black Rain’ (Esoteric Recordings - Adorable, mellifluous, largely widdle-free prog)
10) Axel Rudi Pell - ‘Sign Of The Times’ (SPV - Very little to complain about with this slickly executed melodic hard rock record)
11) Dio - ‘Magica’ (BMG - The newly re-mastered mediabook edition, one of four from RJD’s latterday catalogue)
12) Bonfire - ‘Fistful Of Fire’ (AFM - The German band’s heaviest album to date)
13) Compass - ‘Our Time On Earth’ (Escape Music - Fans of It Bites, Saga, Rush and Dream Theatre might dig this)
14) Paul Kantner, Grace Slick & David Freiberg - ‘Baron Von Tollbooth And The Chrome Nun’ (Esoteric Recordings - Re-mastered version of Jefferson Starship-era precursor)
15) Jefferson Airplane - ‘Long John Silver’/‘Thirty Seconds Over Winterland’ (Esoteric Recordings - Double-pack comprising early-1970s-sourced studio disc and live album)
16) Clientelle - ‘Destination Unknown’ (On The Dole - Entertaining revision of the hard-to-find NWOBHM album from 1981)
17) Atkins May Project - ‘The Final Cut’ (Dog Ruff - Hard riffing Black Country blues from original Judas Priest singer Atkins)
18) Albert Castiglia - ‘Wild And Free’ (Gulf Coast - The guitar-slinger from Miami spits out a fiery, spirited live set)
19) Spirit - ‘Tent Of Miracles’ (Esoteric Records - Expanded, re-mastered edition of the album from 1990)
20) Eamonn McCormack - ‘Storyteller’ (BEM - Hard rocking blues, largely patchy though rescued by more enjoyable moments)

March 2020
1) Ratt - ‘The Atlantic Years 1984-1990’ (Hear No Evil - From ‘Out Of The Cellar’ to ‘Detonator’ with bonus tracks)
2) Harem Scarem - ‘Change The World’ (Frontiers - No surprises here; supremely well-crafted melodic rock)
3) Newman - ‘Ignition’ (AOR Heaven - Another collection of slick, engaging AOR earworms)
4) Liar - ‘Sunset Plaza Drive’ (Escape Music - Their long lost third album arrives 24 years later!)
5) Khymera - ‘Master Of Illusions’ (Frontiers - Back after five years away and not a moment too soon)
6) Collateral – ‘Collateral’ (Roulette Media - Encouraging debut from the UK’s great new hard rock hopes)
7) Son Of Man - ‘State Of Dystopia’ (Esoteric Antenna - The legacy of Man lives on in this splendid second generation act)
8) Status Quo - ‘Rock ’Til You Drop’ (Universal - Their last decent album from the Vertigo years, now expanded and re-mastered)
9) Blue Öyster Cult - ‘Heaven Forbid’ (Frontiers - Re-issue of their underrated 13th studio album, first issued in 1998)
10) Those Damn Crows - ‘Point Of No Return’ (Earache - Gutsy, robust if sometimes slightly samey hard rock)
11) Metal Church - ‘The Elektra Years 1984-1989’ (Hear No Evil - Three disc set; includes the masterful ‘The Dark’ from 1986)
12) The Alan Parsons Project - ‘Ammonia Avenue - Deluxe Edition’ (Esoteric Recordings - Beautifully compiled bells ‘n’ whistles revision of the band’s seventh album)
13) Heavy Pettin - ‘4 Play EP’ (BDP - The Scot-rockers return with a fistful of new material, their first in more than 30 years)
14) Redd Kross - ‘Beyond The Door’ (Merge - Better late than never!)
15) Bill Bruford’s Earthworks - ‘Heavenly Bodies: The Expanded Collection’ (Summerfold - A beginner’s guide to Bruford’s jazz-rock years)
16) Jim Capaldi - ‘Open Your Heart - The Island Recordings 1972-1976’ (Esoteric Recordings - Four discs of solo material from the ex-Traffic man)
17) Shakra - ‘Mad World’ (AFM - More quality work from this persistent Swiss combo)
18) Novena - ‘Eleventh Hour’ (Frontiers - Enjoyable, soothingly melodic prog-metal)
19) Renaissance - ‘Turn Of The Cards’ (Esoteric Recordings America - Four-disc overhaul of their album from 1974)
20) Seven Spires - ‘Emerald Seas’ (Frontiers - Female-fronted, melancholic metal from the USA)

February 2020
1) Snake Oil & Harmony - ‘Hurricane Riders’ (Zero One - Fiendishly moreish fare from The Tow Dannys, Vaughn and Reed)
2) Wishbone Ash - ‘Coat Of Arms’ (SPV - A mighty fine introduction for newcomer Mark Abrahams)
3) Marcus King - ‘El Dorado’ (Snakefarm - Though King’s guitar is supposedly the focus here, just about everything is special)
4) The Outlaws - ‘Dixie Highway’ (SPV - Maybe the best Sothern rock album you’ll hear this year)
5) Black Swan - ‘Sake The World’ (Frontiers - Reb Beach and Robin McAuley in a band together… whaddya waiting for?!)
6) Gotthard - ‘#13’ (Nuclear Blast - To these ears their best work with Nic Meader)
7) Peter Green - ‘The End Of The Game’ (Esoteric Recordings - A re-mastered, expanded 50th anniversary re-issue of his slightly bonkers solo debut)
8) Robert Hart - ‘Pure’ (Escape Music - Classy, enchanting music in the Robert Palmer vein)
9) District 97 - ‘Screens’ (MindScan - Awesome female fronted, muso-friendly prog)
10) Silverthorne - ‘Tear The Sky Wide Open EP’ (Golden Robot - Dark, brooding heavy sounds from Peter Shoulder, formerly of The Union)
11) Bandolier Kings - ‘Welcome To The Zoom Club’ (Grooveyard - Affectionate Budgie tribute, with contributions from Tony Bourge and Steve Williams)
12) Girl - ‘Wasted Youth’ (Hear No Evil - Six-disc set, including the long-lost third album and various live shows)
13) Grace Potter - ‘Daylight’ (Fantasy - Pop-rock of the most bewitching type!)
14) Anvil - ‘Legal At Last’ (AFM - Album number 18… some extremely good songs but also one or two clunkers)
15) Dave Kerzner - ‘Breakdown: A Compilation 1995-2019’ (RecPlay - A two-disc revision of his best bits so far)
16) Jesse Damon - ‘Damon’s Rage’ (AOR Heaven - Sun-kissed motoring music from the Silent Rage frontman)
17) Novatines - ‘Wasted Youth EP’ (Say Something - Four fizzy, hooky tunes produced by the great Andy Scott)
18) Archon Angel - ‘Fallen’ (Frontiers - The return of ex-Savatage singer Zak Stevens)
19) JJ Chardeau - ‘In Terra Incognita?’ (L Records - Lavish, extremely bonkers, star-strewn rock opera)
20) Waiting For Monday - ‘Waiting For Monday’ (Frontiers - A big, punchy and immediate sound that’s packed with drama)

January 2020
1) H.e.a.t - ‘H.e.a.t II’ (Gain - The kings of Scandi-AOR on tip-top form)
2) Sons Of Apollo - ‘MMXX’ (Inside Out Music - Not just a supergroup, they’re a group that’s super)
3) Magnum - ‘The Serpent King’s (SPV - Clarkin just keeps on writing those killer records…)
4) Night Flight Orchestra - ‘Aeromantic’ (Nuclear Blast - A glossy, multi-coloured fusion of classic hard rock, AOR and kitsch US disco)
5) Marko Hietala - ‘Pyre Of The Black Heart’ (Nuclear Blast - A satisfying dose of “hard prog” from the Nightwish bassist)
6) Jeff Lynne’s ELO - ‘From Out Of Nowhere’ (Big Trilby/Columbia - Often sublime… though possibly a notch down from ‘Alone In The Universe’)
7) Nektar - ‘The Other Side’ (Esoteric Antenna - You thought life after Roye impossible? Me too, but we were wrong…)
8) Biff Byford - ‘School Of Hard Knocks’ (Silver Lining Music - Saxon’s singer goes solo with fascinating results)
9) British Lion - ‘The Burning’ (Parlophone - I was underwhelmed by their debut; this is a big improvement)
10) Blue Öyster Cult - ‘Hard Rock Live Cleveland 2014’ (Frontiers Three-disc audio-visual set previews the latest catalogue overhaul)
11) Bernie Shaw & Dale Collins - ‘Too Much Information’ (LT Productions - The voice of Uriah Heep dishes up nourishing hard rock with guitarist Collins)
12) Charlie - ‘Kitchens Of Distinction’ (Floating World - Re-mastered double-disc edition of album from 2009, now with more satirical bite and hummable songs)
13) Michael Thompson Band - ‘High Times - Live In Italy’ (Frontiers - Smooooooooth!)
14) Revolution Saints - ‘Rise’ (Frontiers - Journey-esque melodic hard rock; good tunes but a wee but samey…)
15) Scarlet Rebels - ‘Show Your Colours’ (Rock Of Angels - Classic hard rock from a very promising bunch of youngsters)
16) Steeleye Span - ‘Est’d 1969’ (Park - 50th anniversary set, a mixed bag but I really like some of it!)
17) DeCarlo - ‘Lightning Strikes Twice’ (Frontiers - Keyboard-swamped AOR from current Boston singer Tommy DeCarlo)
18) Storm Force - ‘Age Of Fear’ (Escape Music - Brighton Rock guitarist Greg Fraser delivers rousing, melodious sounds)
19) Dukes Of The Stratosfear - ‘Psurroundabout Ride’ (Ape House - XTC in psychedelic tomfoolery mode)
20) Rage - ‘Wings Of Rage’ (SPV - Chunky, rambunctious Teutonic meta-a-a-a-a-a-al!)

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