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December 2019
1) The Who - ‘Who’ (Polydor - Still showing flashes of why they were once so important)
2) Leprous - ‘Pitfalls’ (Inside Out Music - How did this masterpiece of bleak ambient majesty evade me till now?)
3) Art Nation - ‘Transmission’ (Gain/Sony Music - Technicolour fusion of AOR, pop, hard rock and dance… sensational!)
4) Malone Sibun – ‘Come Together’ (Redline Music/Cargo - Fabulous, blues-laden hard rock)
5) Hawklords - ‘Heaven’s Gate’ (Shellshock - They just keep turnout out these mini-classics!)
6) Praying Mantis - ‘Keep It Alive!’ (Frontiers - CD/DVD concert set from Italy in 2018)
7) Revival Black - ‘Step In Line’ (revivalblack.com - Dirty, filthy, blood-curdling British rock ‘n’ roll)
8) Lovekillers Featuring Tony Harnell - ‘Lovekillers Featuring Tony Harnell’ (Frontiers - As a pastiche of the TNT of the 1980s this is worth a listen)
9) Passion - ‘Passion’ (Frontiers - Praiseworthy return of Night By Night’s Daniel Rossall, now trading under a very silly new stage name)
10) Voyager - ‘Colours In The Sun’ (Season Of Mist - Where heavy prog meets pulsating pop!)
11) King Of Hearts - ‘King Of Hearts’ (Melodic Rock - Tommy Funderburk, the man with the voice of gold, is back)
12) Dirty Shirley - ‘Dirty Shirley’ (Frontiers - George Lynch really *must* try to hang onto talented singer Dino Jelusick)
13) Edge Of Forever - ‘Native Soul’ (Frontiers - Alessandro Del Vecchio and company go back to their melodic roots)
14) A New Tomorrow - ‘Universe’ (Frontiers - Big-riffing, tuneful rock with a slight nod to Alter Bridge)
15) House Of Shakira - ‘Radiocarbon’ (Frontiers - Enjoyable ‘cept for the godawful Leppard pastiche of the title song)

November 2019
1) Work Of Art - ‘Exhibits’ (Frontiers - Fans of Toto, Journey, Survivor and Giant will pee their pants)
2) Degreed - ‘Lost Generation’ (Gain/Sony Music - The Swedish band’s boldest statement yet)
3) The Band - ‘The Band - 50th Anniversary Edition’ (Capitol - Remixed and remastered, with bonus disc of their Woodstock 1969 set)
4) Trapeze – ‘The Best Of: Leavin’ The Hard Times Behind’ (Purple – Includes unreleased live show from 1977)
5) Grand Slam - ‘Hit The Ground’ (Marshall - I suspect that Philip would approve…)
6) Tyketto - ‘Strength In Numbers - Live’ (Frontiers - Great but should’ve been a double-disc!)
7) Angel Witch - ‘Angel Of Light’ (Metal Blade - It was about time Mr Keybourne pulled his finger out again!)
8) Pretty Maids - ‘Undress Your Madness’ (Frontiers - The Danes’ 16th studio set literally drips with hooklines!)
9) Rox - ‘Roxstars’ (AOR Blvd - All hail the rebirth of Rox!!)
10) Phil Campbell - ‘Old Lions Still Roar’ (Nuclear Blast - Why on earth did the former Motör-man take so long to make a solo record?!)
11) Oak - ‘False Memory Archive’ (Karisma Recordings - Late to the party with this outstanding Norwegian prog band… can’t wait for more!)
12) Ken Hensley - ‘The Bronze Years 1973-1981’ (Hear No Evil - Four-disc set, including video interview)
13) Tygers Of Pan Tang - ‘Ritual’ (Mighty Music - The NWOBHM band continues a run of excellent form)
14) New England - ‘The New England Archives Box: Vol 1’ (Near No Evil - Fives discs of demos, outtakes and rough mixes)
15) The Flower Kings - ‘Waiting For Miracles’ (Inside Out - They’re incredibly good at what they do!)
16) Per Wiberg - ‘Head Without Eyes’ (Despotz - Diversity and quality from the much-travelled former Opeth keysman)
17) The Dark Element - ‘Songs The Night Sings’ (Frontiers - More from ex-Nightwish singer vocalist Anette Olzon and Insomnium’s Jani Liimatainen)
18) Molly Hatchet – ‘Battleground’ (SPV – Two live discs from the current incarnation… inconsistent but rather good)
19) The Glorious Sons - ‘A War On Everything’ (Black Box Recordings - I couldn’t hear those Jellyfish comparisons but loved it nonetheless)
20) Fast Buck – ‘Night Games – The Complete Recordings’ (Lemon Recordings – An obscurity from 1976 given the full four-disc bells and whistles treatment)

October 2019
1) Flying Colors - ‘Third Degree’ (Mascot - Yet more outstanding pop-prog quality from Messrs Morse, Morse, Portnoy, McPherson and LaRue)
2) Alter Bridge - ‘Walk The Sky’ (Napalm - Still no sign of weakness from the kings of modern-day arena rock)
3) Angel – ‘Risen’ (Cleopatra – Not sure about the production nor some of the songs, but mostly this is great…)
4) The Magpie Salute - ‘High Water II’ (Provogue - For lovers of The Black Crowes…)
5) Hawkwind – ‘All Aboard The Skylark’ (Cherry Red – They just keep on producing the goods…)
6) Vambo ‘Vambo’ (Goliath - Colourful, flamboyant and memorable… a band of real potential)
7) The Wildhearts – ‘Diagnosis EP’ (Graphite - The UK’s pop-metal masters continue to ride the wave)
8) Burnt Out Wreck – ‘This Is Hell’ (Cherry Red - Massively enjoyable, hard-hitting boogie-rock in the AC/DC vein)
9) Airbourne – ‘Boneshaker’ (Spinefarm – Still doing exactly what it says on the tin…)
10) Ray Alder – ‘What The Water Wants’ (Inside Out - Rewarding solo set from the Fates Warning frontman)
11) Whiskey Myers – ‘Whiskey Myers’ (Snakefarm - Another step up the ladder for the rising Southern rockers)
12) Mick Devine - ‘Hear Now’ (Escape Music - The frontman of Seven teams up with guitarist Steve Morris)
13) Block Buster – ‘Losing Gravity’ (Frontiers – Great name, also a tremendous band!)
14) Ian Gillan With The Don Airey Band And Orchestra – ‘Contractual Obligation #2: Live In Warsaw’ (Ear Music – Far, far better than the apparent casual nature of its title…)
15) Michael Sweet – ‘Ten’ (Frontiers – Chunky, melodious fare from Stryper’s golden-voiced singer)
16) Robert Tepper - ‘Better Than The Rest’ (AOR Heaven - Better than *most* of them, anyway…)
17) Edenbridge – ‘Dynamind’ (SPV – The tenth album from his talented female-fronted prog-metal outfit from Austria)
18) Wildwood Kin – ‘Wildwood Kin’ (Silveryone/Sony – Beautiful, relaxed Sunday morning sounds…)
19) Vanden Plas - ‘The Ghost Xperiment: Awakening’ (Frontiers - No real surprises, but existing fans will enjoy)
20) The Ferrymen - ‘A New Evil’ (Frontiers - Ditto)

September 2019
1) The Defiants – ‘Zokusho’ (Frontiers – Blimey… this outstrips their debut)
2) Opeth – ‘In Cauda Venenum’ (Nuclear Blast - The English language version, of course!)
3) Eclipse - ‘Paradigm’ (Frontiers - The master craftsman Erik Mårtensson strikes again)
4) Status Quo – ‘Backbone’ (Ear Music – Their best work in quite a while…)
5) Black Star Riders ‘Another State Of Grace’ (Nuclear Blast – New line-up but the same killer vibe!)
6) The Allman Brothers Band – ‘Midnight Rider: The Essential Collection’ (Spectrum – Cheapo sampler for ripping onto my iTunes… magnificent!)
7) Thunder – ‘The Greatest Hits’ (BMG - Two discs of songs that have become part of my DNA)
8) Lee Abraham – ‘Comatose’ (F2 Music – Classy, super-melodic prog-rock)
9) Samantha Fish - ‘Kill Or Be Kind’ (Rounder - A sumptuous slice of contemporary blues)
10) League Of Lights – ‘In The In Between’ (Eightspace – Mesmerising female-voiced pop-rock, with a tantalising slither of prog)
11) Sayer & Joyce – ‘Makes You Stronger’ (Gulf Coast – Contains a variety of blues-rock styles, all pleasingly performed)
12) Baker Gurvitz Army – ‘On The Road Again (Live)’ (The Store For Music – Concert from London’s New Victoria Theatre in 1975)
13) Annie Haslam – ‘Annie In Wonderland’ (Esoteric Recordings – Remastered version of her bewitching solo debut from 1977)
14) Marseille ‘Unfinished Business’ (Gas Station Music - On vinyl at last… many thanks, Nige!)
15) Various Artists – ‘Jobcentre Rejects: Ultra Rare NWOBHM, Volume 2 1980-1985 (On The Dole – More unearthed gems!)
16) Renaissance – ‘Tour 2011 Live In Concert’ (Esoteric Recordings – Two CDs and a DVD from a show in the USA)
17) Blackrain – ‘Dying Breed’ (SPV – Hook-laden, sleazy hard rock from… ulp… France!)
18) Crashdïet – ‘Rust’ (Frontiers – Attitude-charged sleazy, melodic hard rock)
19) Shogun – ‘The Lost Album’ (Steelheart Memories – Shelved recordings for the UK AOR combo’s third album, laid down back in 1987)
20) Wally – ‘Martyrs And Cowboys: The Atlantic Recordings 1974-1975’ (Esoteric Recordings - Remastered anthology of recordings by the obscure Brit proggers)

August 2019
1) Sons Of Apollo – ‘Live With The Plovdiv Psychotic Symphony’ (Inside Out – The prog-metal supergroup goes down the penguin suit route)
2) Soleil Moon – ‘Warrior’ (Frontiers – A mouth-watering fusion of country-rock, jazz, pop and adult-contemporary)
3) Unruly Child – ‘Big Blue World’ (Frontiers – They’ll always be judged against their cataclysmic debut, but this is still well worth a listen…)
4) IQ – ‘Resistance’ (Giant Electric Pea – A fabulous double-set from the enduring UK proggers)
5) Michael Schenker Fest – ‘Revelation’ (Nuclear Blast – More lead singers than you can shake a mic stand at)
6) Spread Eagle – ‘Subway To The Stars’ (Frontiers – After 25 years away this is fresher than it has a right to be…)
7) Laurence Jones Band – ‘Laurence Jones Band’ (Top Stop Music – Another terrific record from the youngster)
8) Chantel McGregor – ‘Bury’d Alive’ (Tis Rock Music – Great title… and a very impressive in-concert disc)
9) Warner E Hodges – ‘Live At Bootleggers’ (Jerkin’ Crocus – A riotous concert set from Oct 2018)
10) Riot – ‘Live In America – The Official Bootleg Box Vol 3, 1981-1988’ (Hear No Evil – Live shows, rehearsals and demos spread across six discs)
11) Axe – ‘Final Offering’ (Escape Music – Cool Southern swagger and light yet rugged hooks)
12) Alice Cooper – ‘The Breadcrumbs EP’ (Ear Music – A unique six-song collection on limited edition on 10-inch vinyl)
13) James Holkworth And The Coolbenders – ‘We Want To Be Famous’ (Jamesholkworth.com – Nice to hear a blues rock band with sense of humour)
14) Humble Pie – ‘On To Victory’ (The Store For Music – Repackaging of their ninth album, released in 1980)
15) Eighteenth Hour – ‘Eighteenth Hour’ (Escape Music – Slick, modern and hugely enjoyable)
16) Freedom Call – ‘M.E.T.A.L.’ (SPV – A tasty slab of melodic power-metal)
17) Domination Inc – ‘Memoir 414’ (SPV – UK-based Greek metalheads add modern groove to the power of thrash)
18) Tear Gas – ‘Piggy Go Getter’ (Esoteric Recordings – Forerunners of SAHB, officially on CD for the first time)
19) The Fluffy Jackets (Featuring Manny Charlton) – ‘Something From Nothing’ (Cargo – Terrible band name; pretty decent LP)
20) The Dead Daisies – ‘Locked And Loaded: The Covers Album’ (SPV – Listenable but well… kinda pointless if you ask me)

July 2019

1) The Allman Betts Band – ‘Down To The River’ (BMG – Truly subline Southern hard rock with a huge dollop of soul)
2) Arch/Mattheos – ‘Winter Ethereal’ (Metal Blade – The former and current duo of Fates Warning returns in style)
3) Danny Vaughn – ‘Myths, Legends & Lies’ (Townsend Music – Thought you knew all there was to know of Tyketto’s frontman? Think again…)
4) Pattern Seeking Animals – ‘Pattern Seeking Animals’ (Inside Out – A fascinating Spock’s Beard spin-off band)
5) Rosalie Cunningham – ‘Rosalie Cunningham’ (Esoteric Antenna – Purson’s main person lays down marker as a solo artist)
6) Nad Sylvan – ‘The Regal Bastard’ (Inside Out – Hackett’s singer in blue blooded solo form)
7) Majestica – ‘Above The Sky’ (Nuclear Blast – Melodic power metal doesn’t get too much better)
8) Heather Findlay – ‘Wild White Horses’ (Black Sand – The former Mostly Autumn singer teams up with Thunder’s Luke Morley)
9) Elles Bailey – ‘Road I Call Home’ (Outlaw Music – Bluesy, soulful Americana… very promising)
10) 7 Miles To Pittsburgh – ‘Revolution On Hold’ (A67 Records – Enjoyable, hard riffing bluesy rock)
11) Lethbridge Owen – ‘Mind Over Matter’ (Lethbridgeowen.com – Debut from a London-based West Coast influenced duo… been out for a while but it’s fabulous)
12) Sabaton – ‘The Great War’ (Nuclear Blast – Imagine World War I set to a power-metal soundtrack)
13) Jailbirds – ‘The Great Escape’ (Golden Robot – Did you heard about the time Airbourne and the Tatts jammed in in Irish bar?)
14) Stranded – ‘New Dawn’ (Escape Music – Soothing, West Coast-flavoured easy-listening)
15) Procol Harum – ‘Broken Barricades’ (Esoteric Recordings – Exhaustive triple-disc overhaul of Trower’s farewell to the band)
16) Fish On Friday – ‘An Initiation (2010-2017)’ (Esoteric Antenna – Soothing melodic prog – the best of their four albums)
17) Billy Sherwood – ‘Citizen: In The Next Life’ (Frontiers – If only the bloke had a stronger voice…)
18) Patrick Moraz – ‘Patrick Moraz’ (Esoteric Recordings – Revision of wonderfully overblown album from 1978)
19) Narnia – ‘From Darkness To Light’ (Narnia Songs – Christian melodic metal from Sweden… much better than it sounds on paper!)
20) Matt Pearce & The Mutiny – ‘Gotta Get Home’ (Mutinear – The Voodoo Six guitarist heads off in a funky, bluesy hard rock direction)

June 2019
1) The Rods – ‘Brotherhood Of Metal’ (SPV – The 1980s metalheads return in thunderous style)
2) Rory Gallagher – ‘Blues’ (UMC – Does what it says on the tin… largely unreleased material)
3) Valentine – ‘Valentine’ (Rock Candy – Incredibly, I’ve never owned this classic from 1990 on CB till now! #OhTheShame)
4) Samson – ‘Bright Lights: The Albums 1979-1981’ (Hear No Evil – Includes the whole of ‘Head On’ mixed by Tony Platt)
5) Savoy Brown – ‘City Night’ (Quarto Valley – A set of great hard rocking blues anthems)
6) Soft Machine – ‘The Harvest Albums 1975-1978’ (Esoteric Recordings – ‘Bundles’, ‘Soft’ and ‘Alive And Well’ re-mastered)
7) Colorvine – ‘Wake Up’ (CV Media Group/Cargo – The band once known as Tower City return with something fresh and summery)
8) Neal Morse – ‘Jesus Christ – The Exorcist’ (Frontiers – A Biblical tale given the full-on prog bells and whistles treatment)
9) Warrior Soul – ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Disease’ (Livewire/Cargo – Studio album number ten… still edgy!)
10) American Tears – ‘White Flags’ (Escape Music – Mark Mangold’s latest guitar-less prog freak-out)
11) Timo Tolki – Avalon: Return To Eden’ (Frontiers – An unlikely return to form for the eccentric former Stratovarius guitarist)
12) Glenn Hughes – ‘The Official Bootleg Box Set Volume Two 1993-2013’ (Purple/Cherry Red – A must-have for collectors)
13) Rebecca Downes – ‘More Sinner Than Saint’ (Mat Hat – A continuation of her metamorphosis from blues to hard rock)
14) Savage Messiah – ‘Demons’ (Century Media – The UK thrashers head into less predictable territory… bravo!)
15) Axel Rudi Pell – ‘XXX Anniversary Live’ (SPV – Enduring ex-Steeler guitarist reaches creditable solo milestone)
16) Phenomena – ‘Anthology’ (Phen-X – 25th anniversary collection)
17) The Kris Barras Band – ‘The Divine And Dirty’ (Provogue – Er… better late than never! D’oh!!)
18) Lucifer’s Friend – ‘Black Moon’ (Lucifer’s Records – Their second studio album of the reunion era)
19) Dorja – ‘Gemini’ (dorjaband.com – Accomplished hard rock from a transatlantic all-female hard-rockin’ combo)
20) Sweet Oblivion Featuring Geoff Tate – ‘Sweet Oblivion Featuring Geoff Tate’ (Frontiers – Just stick to the Queensrÿche albums, okay?)

May 2019
1) Diamond Head – ‘The Coffin Train’ (Silver Lining Music – A monster… the best thing they’ve done in decades)
2) The Wildhearts – ‘Renaissance Men’ (Graphite – Their first album in a decade is well worth the wait)
3) Big Big Train – ‘Grand Tour’ (English Electric – It took me a coupla spins, I admit, but afterwards… wow!)
4) Gong – ‘The Universe Also Collapses’ (Kscope – Gong’s next generation continues to thrive)
5) Kingdom Come – ‘Classic Album Collection’ (Caroline – Their first three albums newly re-mastered with bonus tracks)
6) Crazy Lixx – ‘Forever Wild’ (Frontiers - Mascara-smudged melodies, rousing rhythms and cranked guitar riffs… love it!)
7) Stray – ‘Mudanzas’ (Talking Elephant – New re-issue of a mini-classic from 1973)
8) First Signal – ‘Line Of Fire’ (Frontiers – Classy, anthemic hard rock from Mr Harry Hess)
9) Inglorious – ‘Ride To Nowhere’ (Frontiers – Got a finished CD at last… Never, ever, ever, ever underestimate Inglorious)
10) Gin Lady – ‘Tall Sun Crooked Moon’ (Cozmic Artefactz – A fifth album from the versatile Swedes… this is superb!)
11) Alliance – ‘Fire And Grace’ (Escape Music – Sublime AOR from a band with connections to Boston, Sammy Hagar, GTR and 3)
12) Tony Mills – ‘Beyond The Law’ (Battlegod Productions – The ex-Shy/TNT vocalist goes out in a blaze of glory)
13) Nitrate – ‘Open Wide’ (AOR Heaven – The second album from this fine Nottingham-based outfit)
14) Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts – ‘Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts’ (Mattmitchellmusic – The Pride/Furyon/Colour Of Noise frontman spreads his wings to go solo)
15) Tank – ‘Re-Ignition’ (Cleopatra – Re-recorded songs from their first four albums, with special guests)
16) Soto – ‘Soto’ (Inside Out – JSS slips back into his heavier alter ego… I like it!)
17) Renaissance – ‘Live At Carnegie Hall’ (Esoteric Recordings – The newly re-mastered three-disc edition)
18) Sammy Hagar & The Circle – ‘Space Between’ (BMG – Given the sheer talent on display this is pretty disappointing)
19) The Brink – ‘Nowhere To Run’ (Frontiers – Pop-flavoured and engaging hard rock from a fine Cambridge combo)
20) Dogface – ‘From The End To The Beginning’ (Pride & Joy Music – The best bits of their three albums… wonderful keys-driven hard rock)

April 2019
1) Jim Peterik & World Stage – ‘Winds Of Change’ (Frontiers – Mega tuneage from the former Survivor man and an army of friends)
2) Lonerider – ‘Attitude’ (Escape Music – Awesome bluesy hard rock from band featuring Messrs Overland, Kirke and Morris)
3) Lonely Robot – ‘Under Stars’ (Inside Out Music – Mr Mitchell wraps his trilogy and leaves us wanting more)
4) Fortune – ‘Fortune II’ (Frontiers – Brilliant, long awaited sequel from the cult US pomp-AOR crew)
5) Family – ‘Live At The BBC’ (Madfish – Magnificently packaged deluxe eight-disc box)
6) Michael Thompson Band – ‘Love & Beyond’ (Frontiers – Beautiful melodic rock played by consummate musicians)
7) Be Bop Deluxe – ‘Futurama’ (Esoteric Recordings – Deluxe double-disc edition of album from 1975)
8) Tedeshi Trucks Band – ‘Signs’ (Snakefarm – You love mature Southern rock? This’ll leave ya breathless)
9) The Wildhearts – ‘The Wildhearts’ (Round – Their so-called ‘white’ album awarded full bells and whistle treatment, triple vinyl! Thanks Darren!)
10) Various Artists – ‘Jobcentre Rejects: Ultra Rare NWOBHM 1978-1982 (On The Dole – Lovingly compiled anthology for a much loved era)
11) United Progressive Fraternity – ‘Planetary Overload Part 1: Loss’ (Giant Electric Pea – Spine-tingingly thoughtful and melodic prog)
12) Patrick Moraz – ‘The Story Of i’ (Esoteric Recordings – The first time I’ve owned this one from 1976 on CD)
13) Leverage – ‘Determinus’ (Frontiers – Killer symphonic metal/hard rock)
14) Seven Hard Years – ‘No Going Back’ (Lion’s Pride Music – The Anglo-US melodic rockers present their fourth album)
15) Hardline – ‘Life’ (Frontiers – Johnny Gioeli… what a singer! Tunes ain’t bad either!)

March 2019
1) Foreigner – ‘Live At The Rainbow 1978’ (Eagle Vision – 40th anniversary celebration of a landmark concert)
2) The Mute Gods - ‘Atheists and Believers’ (Inside Out – Revealing, entertaining fare from Nick Beggs and company)
3) Shotgun Symphony – ‘A Last Symphony: A Retrospective’ (Melodic Rock – Career-encompassing four-disc box… thanks Andrew!)
3) Devin Townsend – ‘Empath’ (Inside Out – Brilliantly, sometimes uproariously bonkers; could be the soundtrack to a very sick film indeed!)
4) LA Guns – ‘The Devil You Know’ (Frontiers – Right back to their best!)
5) Tim Bowness – ‘Flowers At The Scene’ (Inside Out – No-Man singer’s fifth solo outing… seductive)
6) Battle Beast – ‘No More Hollywood Endings’ (Nuclear Blast – Immense female fronted power metal)
7) Mostly Autumn – White Rainbow’ (Mostly Autumn – A lovely, heartfelt tribute to Liam Davison)
8) Glenn Shorrock – ‘Sings Little River Band In Studio’ (Social Family – Delightfully mellow)
9) A New Revenge – ‘Enemies & Lovers’ (Golden Robot – Classy, hooky hard rock from ‘Ripper’ Owens, Kerry Kelli, Rudy Sarzo and James Kottak)
10) David A Saylor – ‘Kiss Of Judas 2’ (AOR Blvd – Posthumous album from a hugely underrated melodic rock frontman)
11) The End Machine – ‘The End Machine’ (Frontiers – Three-quarters of the classic Dokken fronted by Robert Mason)
12) Deckchair Poets – ‘A Bit Of Pottery’ (Angel Air – If Monty Python’s Flying Circus was a prog-rock band…)
13) TNT – ‘Encore: Live In Milano’ (Frontiers – Harnell, Le Tekrø, Dahl and Hilton belt out the hits)
14) Seventh Wonder – ‘Tiara’ (Frontiers – These Swedish prog-metallers are massively underrated)
15) Snowy White & The White Flames – ‘The Situation’ (White Flames – Laid back, smouldering, enjoyable blues)
16) Dream Child – ‘Dream Child’ (Frontiers – Former members of Dio, UFO and Whitesnake pool forces)
17) Burning Rain – ‘Face The Music’ (Frontiers – Aldrich is a major talent but this is pretty inconsistent)
18) Gypsy Rose – ‘Reloaded’ (ScandiRock Records – Re-issue of AOR album from 2005… plus bonus track)
19) Alcatrazz – ‘Parole Denied – Tokyo 2017’ (Frontiers – It’s a bumper month for Alcatrazz fans!)
20) Alcatrazz – ‘The Official Bootleg Box Set 1983-1986’ (Hear No Evil – That’s the archive emptied now, surely?)

February 2019
1) Dream Theater – ‘Distance Over Time’ (Inside Out – This resides in my all-time top five of their catalogue)
2) FM – ‘The Italian Job’ (Frontiers… Live – officially! – at last… on DVD/CD)
3) Rose Tattoo – ‘Scarred For Live 1980-1982’ (Cleopatra – Five-disc set, including their legendary spot at Reading Festival 1982)
4) Queensrÿche – ‘The Verdict’ (Century Media – There’s no doubt from me as to where the balance of power now lies)
5) Steve Hackett – ‘At The Edge Of Light’ (Inside Out – This bloke hasn’t put a foot wrong in a decade)
6) Northward – ‘Northward’ (Nuclear Blast – Rousing hard rock from Nightwish’s Floor Jansen and Jørn Viggo Lofstad from Pagan’s Mind)
7) Evergrey – ‘The Atlantic’ (AFM – An exquisite final part of their thought-provoking trilogy)
8) Visitors From Bellatrix – ‘Orkid’ (Polite Bystander Productions – A mesmerising prog-rock opera in two parts)
9) JD Simo – ‘Off At Eleven’ (Crow’s Feet Records – Super high quality blues-rock, with a Southern tinge)
10) Find Me – ‘Angels In Blue’ (Frontiers - Robbie LaBlanc has some of the finest pipes in melodic hard rock)
11) Hollowstar – ‘Hollowstar’ (www.hollowstar.uk – A full-length debut album at last… this rocks!)
12) Renaissance – ‘Song For All Seasons’ (Esoteric Recordings – Three-disc edition of the album that spawned the hit ‘Northern Lights’)
13) Buckcherry – ‘Warpaint’ (Century Media – Album number eight and no sign of stopping just yet)
14) State Of Salazar – ‘Superhero’ (Frontiers – The Swedes deliver a patchy yet fun sophomore set)
15) Suzi Quatro – ‘No Control’ (SPV – A great li’l rock ‘n’ roll album)
16) The Picturebooks – ‘The Hands Of Time’ (Century Media – Gritty, dark blues-rock from Gütersloh, Germany)
17) Westbound – ‘Volume 1’ (Frontiers – A potent slab of melodic metal, with a bluesy edge)
18) Rock Goddess – ‘This Time’ (Bite You To Death/Cargo – Their first new album in more than three decades)
19) Spirits Of Fire – ‘Spirits Of Fire’ (Frontiers – Screaming heavy metal from Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens and Chris Caffery)
20) Rosy Vista – ‘Unbelievable’ (SPV – All-female biker-rock from a German band presumed long extinct)

January 2019
1) Cats In Space – ‘Day Trip To Narnia’ (Harmony Factory – For me this is not as instant as their first two, but by golly it’s a grower!)
2) The Struts – ‘Young & Dangerous’ (Interscope – What an exciting prospect these guys are)
3) Bishop Gunn – ‘Natchez’ (Farm2Turntable – Compelling, fiery, Southern-infused rock)
4) REO Speedwagon – ‘Classic Years: 1978-1990’ (Hear No Evil – Nine discs of top-notch melodic hard rock)
5) Zal Cleminson’s Sin Dogs – ‘Vol 1’ (Sin Dogs Music – Powerful, memorable hard rock from the former SAHB/Nazareth guitarist)
6) Viana – ‘Forever Free’ (Escape Music – A mix of timeless AOR and grin-inducing blue collar hard rock)
7) Raven – ‘Screaming Murder Death From Above: Live In Aalborg’ (SPV – Athletic rock performed onstage in Denmark)
8) Them – ‘Manor Of The Se7en Gables’ (SPV – A gripping collision of power-metal and thrash)
9) Magnum – ‘Live At The Symphony Hall’ (SPV – Audio document of their most recent UK tour)
10) Thunder – ‘Please Remain Seated’ (BMG – The more delicate sound of Thunder…)
11) Starbreaker – ‘Dysphoria’ (Frontiers – A potent mix of melody and metallic muscle)
12) Dewa Budjana – ‘Mahandini’ (MoonJune – Exotic, guitar-led prog, with many special guests)
13) Renaissance – ‘Ashes Are Burning’ (Eclectic Recordings – Turning the clock back to 1973… such a beautiful voice)
14) Dead Man’s Whiskey – ‘Under The Gun Reloaded’ (McCall – Big, blues-laden hard rock)
15) Greenslade – ‘Greenslade’/‘Spyglass Guest’ (Eclectic Recordings – Expanded editions of albums from 1973 and ’74)
16) Tug Of War – ‘Soulfire’ (Escape Music - Balances a fizzy energy with Toto-esque proficiency)
17) Tara Lynch – ‘Evil Enough’ (Cargo – Melodic metal from the US guitarist/singer, soon to support UFO)
18) Tear Gas – ‘Tear Gas’ (Esoteric Recordings – The roots of SAHB… newly re-mastered)
19) The Keith Reid Project – ‘In My Head’ (Rockville – Enjoyable new solo music from Procol Harum’s co-founder)
20) Michael Bloomfield – ‘Living In The Last lane’ (Angel Air – His final album, first issued in 1980, now with bonus track)

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