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December 2017
1) Black Sabbath – ‘The End’ (Eagle Vision – A fitting sign-off for a truly legendary band)
2) Magnum – ‘Lost On The Road To Eternity’ (SPV – Very happy to say that they can still make bloody great studio albums)
3) Genesis – ‘Seconds Out’ (Virgin – Early Xmas pressie to myself… fab to play on CD after all these years!)
4) Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons – ‘The Age Of Absurdity’ (Nuclear Blast – Ex-Motörman takes an assured first step back to the spotlight)
5) Caligula’s Horse – ‘In Contact’ (Inside Out – Mesmerising prog-rock; heavy, soft, jazzy, euphoric, morose… but always satisfying!)
6) Galahad – ‘Seas Of Change’ (Avalon - One 42-minute track… now *that’s* neo-prog!)
7) Anvil – ‘Pounding The Pavement’ (SPV – The Canucks have made some great metaaaal since the movie came out!)
8) Lee Abraham – ‘Colours’ (F2 Music – Where prog meets AOR!)
9) Tyketto – ‘Live From Milan 2017’ (Frontiers – In-concert CD and DVD from the Frontiers Rock Festival)
10) Riot – ‘Official Bootleg Box Set Volume 2, 1980-1990’ (Hear No Evil – The recording quality varies, but the ‘Fire Down Under’ writing sessions are pretty cool)
11) ZZ Top – ‘Antenna’ (Floating World – Amazingly, I’ve never owned this on CD before!)
12) James Warren – ‘Innocent Bystander’ (Angel Air – Whimsical, addictive pop sounds from the Stackridge/Korgis frontman)
13) Dave Kerzner – ‘Static’ (Davekerzner.com – Floyd-flavoured and wonderfully melodic prog-rock)
14) Bigfoot – ‘Bigfoot’ (Frontiers – Um… I’m rather late to the party with this exciting young hard rock band from Wigan… sorry!)
15) Orphaned Land - Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs’ (Century Media – Still asking important questions and making great music)
16) Marco Mendoza – ‘Viva La Rock’ (Target – Hard driving, sometimes funky hard rock)
17) Trespass – ‘Footprints In The Rock’ (Mighty Music – Blimey! It’s the return of the NWOBHM-era combo from Suffolk!)
18) Alan Simon – ‘Excalibur V: The Dark Age Of The Dragon’ (Babaika Productions – Some interesting guests, but a wee bit ploddy for my taste)
19) The Wild Lies – ‘Prison Of Sins’ (Wild Recordings – A classic metal sound blended with darker, modern edginess)
20) Jaimz Vokins – ‘Time Machine’ (AOR Blvd – Covers album from Steevi and Phil, including a cameo from Cherie Currie)

November 2017
1) Sweet – ‘Sensational Sweet, Chapter One: The Wild Bunch’ (Sony Music – The boxed set to end all boxed sets)
2) Hawkwind – ‘At The Roundhouse’ (Cherry Red – Triple-disc documentation of their show from May 26, 2017)
3) Von Hertzen Bros – ‘War Is Over’ (Music Theories Recordings – Yet more melodic-prog genius from the wonderful Finns)
4) Glenn Hughes – ‘Building The Machine’/ ‘Songs In The Key Of Rock’ (Purple – Newly expanded editions)
5) The Downes Braid Association – ‘Skyscraper Souls’ (X2X – Sublime pop-meets-prog)
6) Newman – ‘Aerial’ (AOR Heaven – A magnificent slice of pomp rock-flavoured AOR)
7) Tony Mills – ‘Streets Of Chance’ (Battlegod Productions – Has the ex-Shy/TNT man still got that voice, or what?!)
8) Pink Cream 69 – ‘Headstrong’ (Frontiers – A great entry point for those newbies… includes nine-song live album)
9) Houston – ‘III’ (Livewire/Cargo – Reliable, or predicable maybe… but Houston will never lets you down)
10) Jeff Scott Soto – ‘Retribution’ (Frontiers – A nice of mix of melodic and heavy)
11) Mike Tramp – ‘This & That’ But A Whole Lot More’ (Target – Six-disc boxed set of demos and much, much more)
12) Primal Fear – ‘Best Of Fear (Frontiers – Double-disc anthology that includes four new recordings)
13) Samson – ‘Mr Rock And Roll: Live 1981-2000’ (Hear No Evil – Four-CD set featuring various line-ups)
14) Peter French – ‘Ducks In Flight’ (Repertoire – Long-lost, star-studded solo album from 1978)
15) Reuben Archer’s Personal Sin – ‘Petrolhead’ (Toxic Arrow – The former Stampede man in… er… stampeding form!)
16) Warrior Soul – ‘Back On The Lach’ (Livewire/Cargo – More unpredictable insanity from Kory and cohorts)
17) Jane Lee Hooker – ‘Spiritus’ (Ruf – Gutsy, attitude-charged blues-rock)
18) Steve Tilling – ‘Circu5’ (ST Productions – A journey to where edgy alt-rock meets prog)
19) Strawbs – ‘The Ferryman’s Curse’ (Esoteric Antenna – Sunday afternoons are made for this…)
20) Appice – ‘Sinister’ (SPV – Carmine and Vinny together with a little help from their friends)

October 2017
1) Sons Of Apollo – ‘Psychotic Symphony’ (Inside Out – Members past & present of Dream Theater, GN’R, Journey and Mr Big… not merely a supergroup but a group that’s super)
2) Heaven & Earth – ‘Hard To Kill’ (Quarto – A truly classic hard rock record)
3) Status Quo – ‘Live At The NEC’ (Universal – Newly expanded edition… contains the full Prince’s Trust show)
4) L.A. Guns – ‘The Missing Peace’ (Frontiers – The best since the band’s debut back in ’88)
5) Kansas – ‘Leftoverture: Live & Beyond’ (Inside Out – Two hours concert from the current revised line-up)
6) Steve Walsh – ‘Black Butterfly’ (Escape Music – Former Kansas singer returns with a slick collection of melodic-pomp tunes)
7) Phil Lanzon – ‘If You Think I’m Crazy!’ (Phillanzon.com – Hugely enjoyable solo disc from Heep’s keyboardist)
8) King Crimson – ‘Live In Chicago’ (Panegyric – Does what it says on the tin!)
9) Michael Crimson – ‘Medusa’ (Gain – A hypnotic full-length debut from the Swedish singer, guitarist, writer and producer)
10) Stray – ‘All In Your Mind: The Transatlantic Years 21970-1974’/‘Fire & Glass: The Pye Recordings 1975-1976’ (Esoteric Recordings – New multi-disc retrospective sets)
11) Hawklords – ‘Six’ (Shellshock Distribution – These guys are *so* underrated!)
12) Hirsh Gardner – ‘My Brain Needs A Holiday’ (Escape Music – Technicolour solo outing from drummer of AOR cult heroes New England)
13) Vardis – ‘100 MPH’/‘The World’s Insane’/‘Quo Vardis’ (Dissonance Productions – The 2017 editions, with bonus tracks)
14) Target – ‘In Range’ (Escape Music – Long-lost album from 1979, with Jami Jamison on vocals)
15) The Radio Sun – ‘Unstoppable’ (Pride & Joy Music – Pop-meets-AOR from Down Under)
16) Millennium – ‘Awakening’ (Keep On Metal Records – Blood, guts and hard driving rock from reactivated NWOBHM combo)
17) Michael Bloomfield – ‘Live At Bill Graham’s Fillmore West’/‘Don’t Say That I Ain’t Your Man! Essential Blues 1964-1969’ (Floating World – Re-issues from 1969 and 1994)
18) Ace Frehley – ‘Anomaly – Deluxe Edition’ (SPV – His album from 2009, with three bolt-ons)
19) Vuur – ‘In This Moment We Are Free- Cities’ (Inside Out – Anneke van Giersbergen in seductive form)
20) Dirty Thrills – ‘Heavy Living’ (Frontiers – A little like Rivals Sons, admittedly… but some good moments here)

September 2017
1) Cats In Space – ‘Scarecrow’ (Harmony Factory – AOR-meets-pomp-meets-retro just doesn’t get any better)
2) H.e.a.t – ‘Into The Great Unknown’ (Ear Music – Bold, experimental and vital)
3) Mr Big – ‘Defying Gravity’ (Frontiers – Great songs, great singin’, great playin’!)
4) Black Country Communion – ‘BCC IV’ (Mascot – As good as I hoped it would be)
5) Anathema – ‘The Optimist’ (Kscope – Got a finished CD at last! This is great…)
6) Threshold – ‘Legends Of The Shires’ (Nuclear Blast – Their most ambitious album to date… love it!)
7) Sparks – ‘Hippopotamus’ (BMG – The genius of the Mael brothers goes on and on…)
8) Motorpsycho – ‘The Tower’ (Rune Grammofon – Weighty but fabulous double-set from the eccentric Norwegians)
9) Gun – ‘Favourite Pleasures’ (Caroline International – The Glaswegians come up trumps again)
10) Martina Edoff – ‘We Will Align’ (AOR Heaven – A third helping of glacial, majestically performed Scandi-AOR)
11) Walter Trout – ‘We’re All In This Together’ (Provogue – Mr Consistency delivers again)
12) The Cadillac Three – ‘Legacy’ (Big Machine – Yee haw, the South rises once more!)
13) Phantom 5 – ‘Play To Win’ (Frontiers – More of the same from Claus Lessmann and Michael Voss, but better still…)
14) Midnite City – ‘Midnite City’ (AOR Heaven – For fans of Def Leppard, 1980s-era Kiss and especially Danger Danger)
15) Steven Wilson – ‘To The Bone’ (Caroline – Only just blagged my copy… it’s gonna take some time, I fear)
16) Koyo – ‘Koyo’ (88 Watt – The debut from these exciting young proggers)
17) Wishbone Ash – ‘Twin Barrels Burning’ (AVM – Revisited for sleeve essay purposes; I still love it)
18) Wishbone Ash – ‘Raw To The Bone’ (Neat – Ditto)
19) The Tangent – ‘The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery’ (Inside Out – Wordy but endearing anarcho-prog… yes, really!)
20) Austin Gold – ‘Before Dark Clouds’ (Jigsaw – High-quality, hard-riffing, blues-rock from… erm… Peterborough)
21) Muddy Manninen – ‘Long Player’ (muddymannien.com – Mainly instrumental solo album from the guitarist who spent 13 years with Wishbone Ash)
22) The Doobie Brothers – ‘Rockin’ Down The Highway: The Wildlife Concert’ (Floating World – Double-disc live recording from 1996)
23) Leprous – ‘Malina’ (Inside Out – Sprightly, melodic but sometimes thunderous prog-metal!)
24) Coldspell – ‘A New World Arose’ (Escape Music – The hard rockin’ Swedes return with a killer fourth album)
25) V1 – ‘Armageddon – End Of The Beginning’ (Frog Juice – Gritty hard rock from ex-Maiden pair of Dennis Willcock and Terry Wapram)
26) Ian James Stewart – ‘Arcticana’ (Dangerous Dog – Shimmering chill-out music, don’t expect anything like AOR-era Strangeways)
27) The Nights – ‘The Nights’ (Frontiers – From Finland, melodic rock with a pleasingly modern edge)
28) Albert King – ‘Fillmore East, NY, 1971, Plus Early Studio Recordings’ (Floating World – Does what it says on the tin)
29) Jag Panzer – ‘The Deviant Chord’ (SPV – I found the singer a wee bit painful, but Joey Tafolla shreds!)
30) Moritz – ‘About Time Too’ (Shadows Of A Dream – Polished AOR from the UK veterans)

August 2017
1) Lionheart – 'Second Nature' (King – The long awaited second album… a bloody masterpiece)
2) Styx – 'The Mission' (Alpha Dog 2T – Their first original album in 14 years, it's a real grower… wonderful!)
3) Degreed – 'Degreed' (Gain/Sony – All-killer, no-filler melodic hard rock from Sweden… where else?!)
4) Accept – 'The Rose Of Chaos' (Nuclear Blast – Er… Udo who?!)
5) Tytan – 'Justice Served' (High Roller – Back after 35 years, and well worth the wait!)
6) Big Big Train – 'The Second Brightest Star' (English Electric – Their 'secret' album… bucolic and charming as ever)
7) Kryptonite – 'Kryptonite' (Frontiers – As glacial and imposing as their fictional mineral namesake)
8) Overend Watts – 'He's Real Gone' (Angel Air – Posthumous solo album from Mott The Hoople's bassist – quirky, fascinating and funny… just like the man)
9) Kim Seviour – 'Recovery Is Learning' (White Star – Former Touchstone singer makes blinding solo album with John Mitchell)
10) Samson – 'Joint Forces: 1986-1993' (Hear No Evil – Three albums recorded within this time-frame, contains some great long-lost chewns)
11) Snow – 'At Last…' (Escape Music – 30-year-old hard rock that holds its age with ease)
12) JD Miller – 'World War X' (Target – Melodic hard rock/metal with a modern edge)
13) Hard Stuff – 'The Complete Purple Records Anthology 1971-1973' (Purple – Wonderful retro hard rock)
14) Sea – 'The Grip Of Time' (Target – Groove-laden retro rock from Denmark)
15) Mike Brookfield – 'Brookfield' (Golden Rule – Adept blues-rock, with lyrics by Eamon Carr of Horslips)
16) The Wynntown Marshalls – 'After All These Years' (Wynntown Recordings – Anthology of "Europe's best Americana band")
17) The Outsiders UK – 'Everything's Gone Vintage' (Planet – Back after 15 years; still earthy, bluesy and honest)
18) Frontback – 'Heart Of A Lion' (Dead End Exit – Ludicrous yet appealing helium-voiced, female-fronted powerhouse rock)
19) SNAFU – 'Live Nottingham 1976' (Angel Air – A vintage show from Bobby Harrison and Micky Moody)
20) Sandy Thom – 'Merchants And Thieves' (GA Records – Bargain basement gem from 2010, with special guest Joe Bonamassa)

July 2017
1) Tyketto – 'Don't Come Easy' (Rock Candy – Shameful to admit I've never owned this on CD till now)
2) Eric Martin Band – 'Sucker For A Pretty face' (Rock Candy – Ditto!)
3) Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush – 'Live' (Rock Candy – Ditto… I cannot believe this album is now 40 years old!)
4) Sammy Hagar – 'All Night Long' (Rock Candy – Ditto! 'Young Girl Blues' = shivers!!)
5) Riverdogs – 'California' (Frontiers – Their best since the all-time classic debut)
6) Art Nation – 'Liberation' (Gain/Sony Music – Vibrant, wildly exciting melodic pop-rock from Sweden)
7) Gov't Mule – 'Revolution Come… Revolution Go' (Fantasy – Bluesy hard rock to die for)
8) Biters – 'The Future Ain't What It Used To be' (Earache – Wonderful fresh-sounding retro-rock)
9) Michael Monroe – 'The Best' (Spinefarm – Double-disc resume of his solo years… a cracker!)
10) Warrant – 'Louder Harder Faster' (Frontiers – A great rock record, but is it really Warrant? Hmm….)
11) Glenn Hughes – 'Feel' /'Addiction' (Purple – Newly expanded, re-mastered, double-discs)
12) Celtic Frost – 'To Mega Therion'/'Into The Pandemonium'/'Vanity/Nemesis' (BMG – The controversial so-called 'ultimate editions'! Sorry, Tom!)
13) Ten – 'Gothica' (Frontiers – Melodic hard rock of massive depth and scope)
14) Burnt Out Wreck – 'Swallow' (Burntoutwreck.com – Highly enjoyable AC/DC-inspired rock… I wished I'd played this months ago!)
15) Barclay James Harvest – 'Octoberon' (Esoteric Recordings – Triple-disc edition, including new stereo and 5.1 mixes)
16) The Dogs D'Amour – 'Swingin' The Bottle: The BBC Radio Sessions' (Dynamite Jet Saloon –Does what it says on the… er, bottle!)
17) All 4 1 – 'The World's Best Hope' (Frontiers – Terry Brock, Gary Pihl and Robert Berry… what's not to love, except the awful name?)
18) The Who – 'Isle Of Wight 2014' (Eagle Vision – 2xCD+DVD set)
19) Rex Brown – 'Smoke On This…' (SPV – Diverse, mature solo debut from Pantera/Down bass player)
20) Sons Of Death Valley – 'Fathers Of The Free' (Prime – Cowboy-themed, bluesy hardcore from the plains of… Denmark!
21) Balkun Brothers – 'Devil On TV' (Dixiefrog – Fiery, aggressive "back porch stomp boogie"; their description… love it!)
22) Kickin Valentina – 'Imaginary Creatures' (Target – A rowdy mix of rock 'n' roll, hair metal, melodic rock and sleaze)
23) Cloven Hoof – 'Who Mourns The Morning Star' (Hey, don't go changing guys… I know you won't!)
24) Next To None – 'Phases' (Inside Out – A brave, accomplished sophomore set)
25) RPWL – 'A New Dawn'(Gentle Art Of Music – These German art-rockers just cannot do 'simple', nor should they)
26) Nirvana (UK) – 'Local Anaesthetic'/'Songs Of Love & Praise' (Esoteric Recordings – The *real* Nirvana, haha!)
27) Voodoo Six – 'Make Way For The King' (White Knuckle – If not Kings exactly, then maybe Dukes or Lords…)
28) Taz Taylor – 'Pressure & Time' (Escape Music – Hook-laden, guitar-fuelled hard rock)
29) Nitrogods – 'Roadkill BBQ' (SPV – A little patchy compared to what they've done before)
30) Steve Hackett & Djabe – 'Summer Storms & Rocking Rivers' (Esoteric Antenna – Live album with Hungarian jazzers… a bit hard going at times)

June 2017
1) Sweet – 'Are You Ready? The RCA Years' (Sony Music – Seven-disc vinyl boxed set that includes a gatefold edition of 'The Rainbow: Live In The UK 1973')
2) Status Quo – 'Blue For You'/'Just Supposin''/'Never Too Late' (Universal – The newly expanded double-disc special editions)
3) Inglorious – 'Inglorious II' (Frontiers – The best of the vintage-aspiring hard rock bands out there)
4) Cheap Trick – 'We're All Alright' (Big Machine – What an institution! What a band! What an album!)
5) Gov't Mule – 'Revolution Come… Revolution Go' (Spinefarm – Ditto!)
6) Harem Scarem – 'United' (Frontiers – Terrible title for an album, which is a shame because this rules)
7) Dan Baird & Homemade Sin – 'Rollercoaster' (Jerkin' Crocus Promotions – Rock 'n' roll as it was meant to be!)
8) Glenn Hughes – 'Play Me Out' (Cherry Red – Re-mastered double-disc edition)
9) Rock Goddess – 'It's More Than Rock 'N' Roll' (Bite You To Death – It's great to have 'em back!)
10) Stackridge – 'The Final Bow, Bristol 2015' (Angel Air – Last ever gig from a band that should've been much, much better known)
11) The Allman Brothers Band – 'Hell & High Water: The Best Of The Arista Years' (Floating World – Re-issue of compilation from 1994)
12) Dickie Betts & Great Southern – 'Southern Rock Jam' (Floating world – re-issue of compilation from 2002)
13) Marcus Malone – 'A Better Man' (Redline Music – Hard hitting, heartfelt blues-rock)
14) Blackwater Conspiracy – 'Shootin' The Breeze' (Bulletproof 20/20 – Blue collar rock with a tuneful Southern edge)
15) Violet Janine – 'Between Red & Blue' (Lions Pride Music – Superb female-fronted hard rock from Sweden)
16) Nad Sylvan – 'The Bride Said No' (Inside Out – More enjoyable prog from Mr Hackett's lead singer)
17) Galahad – 'Quiet Storms' (Avalon – A collection of their quieter, more pastoral moments… lovely!)
18) Black Paisley – 'Late Bloomer' (Blackpaisley.com – A cunningly effective hybrid of AOR and Southern rock… a real grower)
19) Red Butler – 'Nothing To Lose' (House Of Tone – Splendid female-fronted blues… how shameful it took me this long to play it!)
20) Rikard Sjöblom's Gungfly – 'On Her Journey To The Sun' (Inside Out – Ex-Beardfish man returns in style!)
21) Kepler Ten – 'Delta – V' (White Star – A promising mix of hard rock and prog)
22) Pete Townshend's Deep End – 'Face The Face' (Eagle Vision – Live Rockpalast show from 1986 with David Gilmour on guitar)
23) Snakecharmer – 'Second Skin' (Frontiers – A bit too slick and not 'Snakey' enough for me, I'm afraid…)
24) Snake Eye – 'The Journey' (Angel Air – Unreleased vintage hard rock album from 1972)
25) The Moody Marsden Band – 'Never Turn Our Back On The Blues' (Talking Elephant – New version of a live album issued back in 1992)

May 2017
1) The Lemon Twigs – 'So Hollywood' (4AD – Here's my favourite new power-pop combo!)
2) Walk On Fire – 'Mind Over Matter' (Escape Music – Unexpected and very welcome back to the long-lost UK melodic crew)
3) Hawkwind – 'Into The Woods' (Cherry Red – They just keep on deliverin' the goods…)
4) Quatro-Scott-Powell – 'QSP' (Sony Australia – Some covers, a few originals and a cool vibe… it's a real grower, too!)
5) Ayreon – The Source' (Music Theories Recordings – A preposterously complex concept piece, but heck… what a record!)
6) Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow – 'Stranger In Us All' (Hear No Evil – Newly expanded edition; much better than I recalled!)
7) Barclay James Harvest – 'XII' (Esoteric Antenna – The new triple-disc edition, complete with stereo and 5.1 mixes)
8) Mostly Autumn – 'Sight Of Day' (Mostly Autumn – Their first in almost three years is worth the wait)
9) Sinner – 'Tequila Suicide' (AFM – An enjoyable slice of good time, sometimes Lizzy-ish hard rock)
10) Erja Lyytinen – Stolen Hearts' (Tuohi – Finland's Queen of Slide goes up a few more gears)
11) Humble Pie – 'Official Bootleg Box Set Volume 1' (Hear No Evil – Hit and miss recording quality clouds these otherwise great shows from 1972, '72 and '74)
12) The Night Flight Orchestra – 'Amber Galactic' (Nuclear Blast –Members of Soilwork and Arch Enemy unite in prog-classical homage)
13) John Otway & The Big Band – 'Monserrat' (Red Bowler – Cor baby, this is really great!)
14) Steel Panther – 'Lower The Bar' (Kobalt Label Services – "Hey baby, do you mind if I stick my nuts in your chocolate?")
15) Shadowman – 'Secrets And Lies' (Escape Music – Messrs Overland, Morris, Childs and James… plus a certain Didge Digital!)
16) Rex Smith – 'Rock And Roll Dream 1976-1983' (Cherry Red – Six-disc boxed retrospective… when it's good it's great!)
17) Ben Craven – 'Last Chance To Hear' (Tuneleak – Melodic, cinematic prog… how annoying this has lurked in the 'to be played' pile since last year!)
18) Witchfynde – 'Divine Victims: The Witchfynde Albums 1980-1983' (Hear No Evil – Three-disc set, includes the timeless 'Give 'Em Hell')
19) Virgin Steele – 'Visons Of Eden' (SPV – Their 2006 album receives a double-disc facelift)
20) Lionsheart – 'Lionsheart' (Treasure Island Music – Re-mastered version of the debut from 1992)
21) Alive In Theory – 'Abandon' (Ultraviolet – Male-female duo from Manchester; a little erratic but the worthwhile bits are excellent)
22) Mick McConnell – 'Under My Skin' (Stuff Music – Smooth, seductive blues-rock)
23) Steve Thorne – 'Island Of Imbeciles' (White Knight – Melodic but politically assertive prog-rock)
24) Axel Rudi Pell – 'The Ballads V' (SPV – I probably shouldn't like this, but… I kinda do! Sorry!)
25) John Mayall – 'Rock The Blues Tonight' (Talking Elephant – From Canada 1970/'71… contains some good jamming!)

April 2017
1) Uriah Heep – 'Look At Yourself'/'Demons And Wizards'/'The Magician's Birthday' (BMG – Newly expanded double-disc editions)
2) Uriah Heep – 'Live '73' (BMG – Now on 180-gramme splatter-coloured vinyl)
3) Big Big Train – 'Grimspound' (English Electric Recordings – A new masterwork from the neo-prog titans!)
4) Vain – 'Rolling With The Punches' (Jackie Rainbow – A throbbing glam/sleaze/melodic rock masterclass)
5) Eclipse – 'Monumentum' (Frontiers – Yet more genius from Erik Mårtensson)
6) One Desire – 'One Desire' (Frontiers – A remarkable debut. Do not miss them on tour with the above)
7) Night Ranger – 'Don't Let Up' (Frontiers – As ever, consistency remains Night Ranger's watchword)
8) Steve Hackett – 'The Night Siren' (Inside Out – My, what a run of form this guy is on!!)
9) Procol Harum – 'Novum' (Eagle – What a band, fifty years… respect due!)
10) Alan Reed – 'Honey On The Razors Edge' (White Knight – Divine, tuneful prog from the ex-Pallas frontman)
11) House Of Lords – 'Saint Of The Lost Souls' (Frontiers – Album number ten from James Christian and company)
12) Dirty White Boyz – 'Down And Dirty' (Escape Music – A warm welcome back to Tony Mitchell, once frontman for Kiss Of The Gypsy)
13) Brother Firetribe – 'Sunbound' (Spinefarm – Nightwish guitarist Emppu Vuorinen delivers yet more high quality melodic reock))
14) Mike + The Mechanics – 'Let Me Fly' (BMG – You can't beat the power of a good song, well sung)
15) Rox – 'The Teenteeze EP' (Teenteeze – Three anthems from the now reunited and quasi-legendary UK glamsters!)
16) Kreator – 'Gods Of Violence' (Nuclear Blast – Still making a wonderfully ugly noise!)
17) Sari Schorr – 'A Force Of Nature' (Manhaton – Enjoyable blues-rock… I must check her out live!)
18) Renaissance – 'Illusion: Through The Fire' (Angel Air – Expanded re-boot of album from 2001)
19) Raveneye – 'Nova' (Frontiers – Okay, I'm a bit late with this one, but will check 'em out supporting Kiss)
20) Devilskin – 'Be Like The River' (Devilskin.co.nz – Attitude-charged, female-fronted rock from New Zealand)

March 2017
1) Steve Hackett – 'Genesis Revisited: Live At The Royal Albert Hall (Inside Out – Deluxe five-disc set of his spine-tinglingly excellent gig in 2013)
2) Pride Of Lions – 'Fearless' (Frontiers – Jim Peterik really is the king of melodic hard rock)
3) Thunder – 'Rip It Up' (Ear Music – It's a grower…)
4) Black Star Riders – 'Heavy Fire' (Nuclear Blast – They've stepped out of Lizzy's shadow at last)
5) Blackfield – 'V' (Inside Out – Geffen and Wilson are such a talented duo… this is superb)
6) Tim Bowness – 'Lost In The Ghost Light' (Inside Out – Beautifully mellow in feel, but the songs are fascinating)
7) Unruly Child – 'Can't Go Home' (Frontiers – A little on the light side, but the songs are superb)
8) The Mute Gods – 'Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth' (Inside Out – Incisive, dark, angry prog from the ever-impressive Nick Beggs)
9) Tokyo Motor Fist – 'Tokyo Motor Fist' (Frontiers – Terrible name, great band/project?)
10) Mike Tramp – 'Maybe Tomorrow' (Target – The Dane's third consecutive bullseye!)
11) Lionville – 'A World Of Fools' (Frontiers – Shattering the 'difficult third album' curse in style!)
12) Tokyo Blade – 'Knights Of The Blade' (Hear No Evil – Four-disc boxed set)
13) Jack Russell's Great White – 'He Saw It Comin'' (Frontiers – A little different, but rather enjoyable all the same)
14) Eden's Curse – 'Carnival' (AFM – Better late than never!)
15) Janus Stark – 'Great Adventure Cigar' (Earache – Hadn't played this in decades – no wonder Dave Grohl loved it!)
16) Over Kill – 'The Grinding Wheel' (Nuclear Blast – I'm trying to overcome a tendency to write off these guys… this kicks serious butt!)
17) Electric Guitars – 'Rock 'N' Roll Radio' (Target – Melodic hard rock administered with an AC/DC-esque punch)
18) Alcatrazz – 'The Ultimate Fortress Rock Set' (The Store For Music – A thorough six-disc audio-visual boxed set)
19) Edenbridge – 'The Great Momentum' (SPV – Melodic female-fronted symphonic metal… better than it might look on paper!)
20) Gravytrain – 'Staircase To The Day' (Esoteric Recordings – Dating back to 1974, this was the fourth, final and best album from the little-known British proggers)
21) Haken – 'Aquarius'/'Visions' (Inside Out – Newly re-mastered, expanded editions of their albums from 2010 and '11)
22) Quiet World – 'The Road' (Esoteric Recordings – Obscure yet quaint religion-driven concept piece from 1970, with guest Steve Hackett)
23) The Murder Of My Sweet – 'Echoes Of The Aftermath' (Frontiers – Female-fronted symphonic metal)
24) Stephen Pearcy – 'Smash' (Frontiers – Contains some great moments but also a whole lot of filler)
25) Stefanie – 'Stefanie' (Escape Music – Strong female-fronted AOR, backed by members of Shotgun Symphony and Prophet)

February 2017
1) Status Quo – 'Status Quo Live!' (Universal boxed set – the perfect send-off for poor ol' Rick… RIP, sir)
2) Uriah Heep – 'Look At Yourself' (BMG – Newly revised and featuring a bonus disc of 're-imaginings')
3) Maschine – 'Naturalis' (Inside Out – A second album from the Dunnery-approved proggers)
4) Marcus – 'Marcus' (Rock Candy – Once referred to by Sounds as "perhaps the greatest obscure heavy metal album of all time")
5) Michael Schenker – 'Michael Schenker Fest' (Inakustik – Double-disc, special guest-strewn show from Tokyo)
6) Pain Of Salvation – 'In The Passing Light Of Day' (Inside Out – Super-personal subject matter and very dark at times, but utterly fantastic!)
7) Hawkwind – 'The GWR Records Years 1988-1991' (Atomhenge – Three mid-era goodies, repackaged in a clamshell box)
8) Richard Marx – 'Greatest Hits' (Capitol – Record fair bargain… no guilt here; I love this fella!)
9) The Simpletone – 'Angels Share' (Thesimpletone.com – This band from Cambridge get better and better)
10) Sepultura – 'Machine Messiah' (Nuclear Blast – Quite possibly their best post-Max release!)
11) Bob Young – 'Back In Quo Country' (Hear No Evil – Star-studded expanded edition of Quo sideman's solo album from 1986)
12) Elaine Samuels And Kindred Spirit – 'Phoenix Rising' (kindredspiritband.co.uk – Fantastic, laid back folk-meets-prog fusion)
13) Freedom Call – 'Master Of The Light' (SPV – 'Metal Is For Everyone'… what a fuggin' brilliant song!!)
14) Kreator – 'Love Us Or Hate Us: The Very Best Of The Noise Years 1985-1992' (BMG – As my good friend Xavier Russell would say: Frash till death!)
15) The Struts – 'Everybody Wants' (Interscope – To my enormous shame, I've just discovered these guys)
16) Touchstone – 'Lights From The Sky EP' (Ministry Of Progression – Three new songs, and a fourth repeated in Polish!)
17) Blonde On Blonde – 'Rebirth'/'Reflections On A Life' (Esoteric Recordings – Two albums of Welsh prog-rock from the 1970s)
18) Kyla Brox – 'Throw Away Your Blues' (Pigskin – Smoky, soulful crooning… lovely stuff!)
19) Last Autumn's Dream – 'In Disguise' (Escape Music – Covers album, includes re-workings of songs by Angel, Loverboy and Sweet)
20) Gandalf – 'Journey To An Imaginary Land' (Esoteric Recordings – Re-issue of Mike Oldfield-esque obscurity from 1980)

January 2017
(*Note: Some of these are late either 'cos it took me a while to play 'em or to blag finished copies*)
1) Glenn Hughes – 'Resonate' (Frontiers – The Voice Of Rock returns firing on all six!)
2) Deep Purple – 'California Jam 1974' (Ear Music – One of the best rock concerts of all time!)
3) Hawkwind – 'The RCA Active Years 1981-1982' (Atomhenge – 'Sonic Attack', 'Church Of Hawkwind' and 'Use Your Masques' in a handy box!)
4) A Thousand Horses – 'Southernality' (Republic – Contains some quite brilliant Crowes-esque sounds)
5) Magnum – 'The Valley Of Tears – The Ballads' (SPV – Does what it days on the tin!)
6) Preacher – 'Aftermath' (Imer Records – Impressive, Floyd-esque melodic prog from Scotland)
7) Kaipa DaCapo – 'Dårskapens Monotoni' (Foxtrot – Roine Stolt and company deliver Stirring neo-prog)
8) Jenny Darren – 'Heartbreaker: Best Of 1977-1980' (Angel Air – Belting, raunchy rock, with some tracks featuring Nicko McBrain on drums)
9) United Progressive Fraternity – 'Fall In Love With The World' (Inside Out – Delicious, melodic and fruity prog-rock)
10) Thirsty – 'Albatross' (Thirsty Music – The second album from ex-Quireboy Guy Bailey and company)
11) Iamthemorning – 'Lighthouse' (Kscope – Hauntingly ethereal prog from St Petersburg, Russia)
12) Ina Forsman – 'Ina Forsman' (Ruf – Sultry, smoky blues-rock from a striking Finnish redhead)
13) Devin Townsend – 'Ziltoid Live At The Royal Albert Hall' (Inside Out – Four disc set of a quite preposterous gig from Aril 2015)
14) Dario Mollo's Crossbones – 'Rock The Cradle' (Frontiers – Meaty melodic rock, with vocals from Carl Sentence)
15) Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado – 'Songs From The Road' (Ruf – This guy is a blues powerhouse!
16) Evergrey – 'The Storm Within' (AFM – Swedish progressive metal, with a cameo from Floor Jansen)
17) Black Oak County – 'Black Oak County' (Mighty Music – If Black Stone Cherry had been born in Esbjerg, Denmark)
18) Mr Big – 'Bitter Streets' (Angel Air – Studio album the UK band… too schmaltzy but contains some very good tunes)
19) Leprous – 'Live At Rockefella Music Hall' (Inside Out – Two discs of Norway's modern prog-metallers performing onstage)
20) Eternal Idol – 'The Unrevealed Secret' (Frontiers – Classy, melodic, symphonic power-metal)

Playlist 2016

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