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March 2020
1) Ratt - ‘The Atlantic Years 1984-1990’ (Hear No Evil - From ‘Out Of The Cellar’ to ‘Detonator’ with bonus tracks)
2) Harem Scarem - ‘Change The World’ (Frontiers - No surprises here; supremely well-crafted melodic rock)
3) Newman - ‘Ignition’ (AOR Heaven - Another collection of slick, engaging AOR earworms)
4) Liar - ‘Sunset Plaza Drive’ (Escape Music - Their long lost third album arrives 24 years later!)
5) Khymera - ‘Master Of Illusions’ (Frontiers - Back after five years away and not a moment too soon)
6) Collateral – ‘Collateral’ (Roulette Media - Encouraging debut from the UK’s great new hard rock hopes)
7) Son Of Man - ‘State Of Dystopia’ (Esoteric Antenna - The legacy of Man lives on in this splendid second generation act)
8) Status Quo - ‘Rock ’Til You Drop’ (Universal - Their last decent album from the Vertigo years, now expanded and re-mastered)
9) Blue Öyster Cult - ‘Heaven Forbid’ (Frontiers - Re-issue of their underrated 13th studio album, first issued in 1998)
10) Those Damn Crows - ‘Point Of No Return’ (Earache - Gutsy, robust if sometimes slightly samey hard rock)
11) Metal Church - ‘The Elektra Years 1984-1989’ (Hear No Evil - Three disc set; includes the masterful ‘The Dark’ from 1986)
12) The Alan Parsons Project - ‘Ammonia Avenue - Deluxe Edition’ (Esoteric Recordings - Beautifully compiled bells ‘n’ whistles revision of the band’s seventh album)
13) Heavy Pettin - ‘4 Play EP’ (BDP - The Scot-rockers return with a fistful of new material, their first in more than 30 years)
14) Redd Kross - ‘Beyond The Door’ (Merge - Better late than never!)
15) Bill Bruford’s Earthworks - ‘Heavenly Bodies: The Expanded Collection’ (Summerfold - A beginner’s guide to Bruford’s jazz-rock years)
16) Jim Capaldi - ‘Open Your Heart - The Island Recordings 1972-1976’ (Esoteric Recordings - Four discs of solo material from the ex-Traffic man)
17) Shakra - ‘Mad World’ (AFM - More quality work from this persistent Swiss combo)
18) Novena - ‘Eleventh Hour’ (Frontiers - Enjoyable, soothingly melodic prog-metal)
19) Renaissance - ‘Turn Of The Cards’ (Esoteric Recordings America - Four-disc overhaul of their album from 1974)
20) Seven Spires - ‘Emerald Seas’ (Frontiers - Female-fronted, melancholic metal from the USA)

February 2020
1) Snake Oil & Harmony - ‘Hurricane Riders’ (Zero One - Fiendishly moreish fare from The Tow Dannys, Vaughn and Reed)
2) Wishbone Ash - ‘Coat Of Arms’ (SPV - A mighty fine introduction for newcomer Mark Abrahams)
3) Marcus King - ‘El Dorado’ (Snakefarm - Though King’s guitar is supposedly the focus here, just about everything is special)
4) The Outlaws - ‘Dixie Highway’ (SPV - Maybe the best Sothern rock album you’ll hear this year)
5) Black Swan - ‘Sake The World’ (Frontiers - Reb Beach and Robin McAuley in a band together… whaddya waiting for?!)
6) Gotthard - ‘#13’ (Nuclear Blast - To these ears their best work with Nic Meader)
7) Peter Green - ‘The End Of The Game’ (Esoteric Recordings - A re-mastered, expanded 50th anniversary re-issue of his slightly bonkers solo debut)
8) Robert Hart - ‘Pure’ (Escape Music - Classy, enchanting music in the Robert Palmer vein)
9) District 97 - ‘Screens’ (MindScan - Awesome female fronted, muso-friendly prog)
10) Silverthorne - ‘Tear The Sky Wide Open EP’ (Golden Robot - Dark, brooding heavy sounds from Peter Shoulder, formerly of The Union)
11) Bandolier Kings - ‘Welcome To The Zoom Club’ (Grooveyard - Affectionate Budgie tribute, with contributions from Tony Bourge and Steve Williams)
12) Girl - ‘Wasted Youth’ (Hear No Evil - Six-disc set, including the long-lost third album and various live shows)
13) Grace Potter - ‘Daylight’ (Fantasy - Pop-rock of the most bewitching type!)
14) Anvil - ‘Legal At Last’ (AFM - Album number 18… some extremely good songs but also one or two clunkers)
15) Dave Kerzner - ‘Breakdown: A Compilation 1995-2019’ (RecPlay - A two-disc revision of his best bits so far)
16) Jesse Damon - ‘Damon’s Rage’ (AOR Heaven - Sun-kissed motoring music from the Silent Rage frontman)
17) Novatines - ‘Wasted Youth EP’ (Say Something - Four fizzy, hooky tunes produced by the great Andy Scott)
18) Archon Angel - ‘Fallen’ (Frontiers - The return of ex-Savatage singer Zak Stevens)
19) JJ Chardeau - ‘In Terra Incognita?’ (L Records - Lavish, extremely bonkers, star-strewn rock opera)
20) Waiting For Monday - ‘Waiting For Monday’ (Frontiers - A big, punchy and immediate sound that’s packed with drama)

January 2020
1) H.e.a.t - ‘H.e.a.t II’ (Gain - The kings of Scandi-AOR on tip-top form)
2) Sons Of Apollo - ‘MMXX’ (Inside Out Music - Not just a supergroup, they’re a group that’s super)
3) Magnum - ‘The Serpent King’s (SPV - Clarkin just keeps on writing those killer records…)
4) Night Flight Orchestra - ‘Aeromantic’ (Nuclear Blast - A glossy, multi-coloured fusion of classic hard rock, AOR and kitsch US disco)
5) Marko Hietala - ‘Pyre Of The Black Heart’ (Nuclear Blast - A satisfying dose of “hard prog” from the Nightwish bassist)
6) Jeff Lynne’s ELO - ‘From Out Of Nowhere’ (Big Trilby/Columbia - Often sublime… though possibly a notch down from ‘Alone In The Universe’)
7) Nektar - ‘The Other Side’ (Esoteric Antenna - You thought life after Roye impossible? Me too, but we were wrong…)
8) Biff Byford - ‘School Of Hard Knocks’ (Silver Lining Music - Saxon’s singer goes solo with fascinating results)
9) British Lion - ‘The Burning’ (Parlophone - I was underwhelmed by their debut; this is a big improvement)
10) Blue Öyster Cult - ‘Hard Rock Live Cleveland 2014’ (Frontiers Three-disc audio-visual set previews the latest catalogue overhaul)
11) Bernie Shaw & Dale Collins - ‘Too Much Information’ (LT Productions - The voice of Uriah Heep dishes up nourishing hard rock with guitarist Collins)
12) Charlie - ‘Kitchens Of Distinction’ (Floating World - Re-mastered double-disc edition of album from 2009, now with more satirical bite and hummable songs)
13) Michael Thompson Band - ‘High Times - Live In Italy’ (Frontiers - Smooooooooth!)
14) Revolution Saints - ‘Rise’ (Frontiers - Journey-esque melodic hard rock; good tunes but a wee but samey…)
15) Scarlet Rebels - ‘Show Your Colours’ (Rock Of Angels - Classic hard rock from a very promising bunch of youngsters)
16) Steeleye Span - ‘Est’d 1969’ (Park - 50th anniversary set, a mixed bag but I really like some of it!)
17) DeCarlo - ‘Lightning Strikes Twice’ (Frontiers - Keyboard-swamped AOR from current Boston singer Tommy DeCarlo)
18) Storm Force - ‘Age Of Fear’ (Escape Music - Brighton Rock guitarist Greg Fraser delivers rousing, melodious sounds)
19) Dukes Of The Stratosfear - ‘Psurroundabout Ride’ (Ape House - XTC in psychedelic tomfoolery mode)
20) Rage - ‘Wings Of Rage’ (SPV - Chunky, rambunctious Teutonic meta-a-a-a-a-a-al!)

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