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April 2008
1) Vega – ‘Only Human’ (Frontiers – Their most accomplished work to date)
2) Monster Magnet – ‘Mindfucker' (Napalm – A prime slab of punk-infused stoner-rock)
3) Spock’s Beard – ‘Noise Floor’ (Inside Out – The band’s most immediate record in quite a while)
4) Roger Glover & Friends – ‘The Butterfly Ball & The Grasshopper’s Feast’ (Purple – The new, three-disc edition… fantastic!)
5) Praying Mantis – ‘Gravity’ (Frontiers – NWOBHM survivors administer the usual melodic twist, love it!)
6) Laurence Jones – ‘The Truth’ (Top Shop Music – His best to date, methinks…)
7) Corrosion Of Conformity – ‘No Cross No Crown’ (Nuclear Blast – Better late than never!)
8) Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow – ‘Memories In Rock II’ (Minstrel Hall Music – Live document of the second run of dates)
9) Jizzy Pearl Of Love/Hate – ‘All You Need Is Soul’ (Frontiers – Typically swaggersome rock ‘n’ roll)
10) Blitzkrieg – ‘Judge Not’ (Target – Still keeping it true, respect is due)
11) The Outlaws – ‘Los Hombres Malo’/‘In The Eye Of The Storm’ (Floating World – I’ve never owned ‘Los Hombres…’ on CD before)
12) 10cc – ‘I’m Not In Love: The Essential’ (Spectrum – Triple-disc collection of hits and deep cuts… worth four quid of anyone’s money!)
13) The Dust Coda – ‘The Dust Coda’ (Thedustcoda.com – They call it “rootsy, soulful, yet edge-driven hard rock ‘n’ roll”, and I agree!)
14) Dizzy Reed – ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Ain’t Easy’ (Golden Robot – Guest-embellished rock from GNR’s keysman, nick ‘n’ sleazy!)
15) Voices Of Extreme – ‘Mach III Complete’ (Z – Recommended for lovers of crunchy melodies and jeans-creaming lead singers)
16) Merryweather Stark – ‘Carved In Rock (GMR Music – A kick-ass retro-rock banquet)
17) Palace Of The King – ‘Get Right With Your Maker’ (Golden Robot – Big-riffing retro rock from Down Under)
18) Universe Infinity – ‘Rock Is Alive’ (Pride & Joy Music – Fruity, fulsome, good-time Swedish rock ‘n’ roll)
19) Colosseum II – ‘Wardance’ (Esoteric Recordings – Re-mastered edition of 1977 disc from Gary Moore, Don Airey and chums)
20) Weend’ô – ‘Time Of Awakening’ (Sonic Bond – Intoxicating, atmospheric, female-voiced prog-metal)
21) Grand Design – ‘Viva La Paradise’ (GMT Music – Sweden’s Leppard worshippers are back!)
22) Comus – ‘First Utterance’ (Esoteric Recordings – Re-mastered re-issue of the prog-folk gem from 1971)
23) 3Sixty – ‘#Truestories (3sixtyrockband.co.uk – Gutsy, tuneful hard rock… promising)
24) Lords Of Black – ‘Icons Of The New Days’ (Frontiers – Leaps and bounds better and its predecessor)
25) Dokken – ‘Return To The East Live (2016)’ (Frontiers – Oh my goodness, this is feeble)

March 2018
1) FM – ‘Atomic Generation’ (Frontiers – How on God’s green earth do they remain so consistently wonderful?!)
2) Judas Priest – ‘Firepower’ (Columbia – The Priest is back! And with all guns blazing!)
3) Rick Parfitt – ‘Over And Out’ (Ear Music – Gone, but never to be forgotten)
4) Saxon – ‘Saxon’/‘Wheels Of Steel’/‘Strong Arm Of The Law’ (BMG – Revised versions of three albums that helped to shape metal)
5) Chris Squire – ‘Fish Out Of Water’ (Esoteric Recordings – Never owned this on CD before… the double-disc edition is fabulous!)
6) Perfect Plan – ‘All Rise’ (Frontiers – Where Scandi-AOR meets North American hard rock… utterly God-like!)
7) Kino – ‘Radio Voltaire’ (Inside Out – Album number two from the band everybody assumed was dead)
8) Rick Springfield – ‘The Snake King’ (Frontiers – His blues album?! I don’t think so… and that’s meant positively)
9) LA Guns – ‘Made In Milan’ (Frontiers – CD and DVD from last year’s gig in Italy)
10) Myles Kennedy – ‘Year Of The Tiger’ (Napalm – The Alter Bridge/Slash singer goes unplugged in style)
11) Drive, She Said – ‘Real Life’ (Escape Music – Newly re-mastered edition of their album from 2003)
12) The Damned – ‘Evil Spirits’ (Spinefarm – Better late than never… this is great!)
13) JCM – ‘Heroes’ (Repertoire – What a power-trio… Jon Hiseman, Clem Clempson and Mark Clarke playing some great cover version tributes)
14) Atomic Rooster – ‘Sleeping For Years: The Studio Recordings 1970-1974’ (Esoteric Recordings – Four-CD set… does what it says on the tin!)
15) Richie Kotzen – ‘Telecasters & Stratocasters’ (The Store For Music - Contains the albums ‘Something To Say’, ‘What Is’ and ‘Break It All Down’)
16) Danny Bryant – ‘Revelation’ (Jazzhaus – This is the UK bluesman’s best yet)
17) Bullet – ‘Dust To Hold’ (SPV – The sixth album from the Swedish trad-metallers)
18) Savage Messiah – ‘Hands Of Fate’ (Century Media – Quality thrash-metal… from… ulp… England!)
19) The Sharpeez – ‘Wild One’ (3MS – Rock-solid blues with strong choruses)
20) Last Great Dreamers – ‘13th Floor Renegades’ (Ray – Eager, often rather memorable rock ‘n’ roll)
21) Sudo Karlsson – ‘Sudo’s Full English’ (Cargo/Livewire – Cool solo album from the former Diamond Dogs singer)
22) ReVertigo – ‘ReVertigo’ (Frontiers – High quality heavy melodic rock from Mats Levén and Anders Wikström)
23) BulletBoys – ‘From Out Of The Skies’ (Frontiers – Some enjoyable tunes… and a whole load of crud!)
24) Amorettes – ‘Born To Break’ (SPV – They’re improving… gradually!)
25) Salty Dog – ‘Lost Treasure’ (Escape Music – Way too leaden and unformed… but a handful of good moments)

February 2018
1) Marillion – ‘Brave – Deluxe Edition’ (Parlophone – Four-disc reappraisal of one of their defining moments)
2) Rose Tattoo – ‘Tatts Live In Brunswick’ (Golden Robot – Tearing up an Aussie bikers club in ’82… amazing!)
3) Cats In Space – ‘Cats Alive!’ (Harmony Factory – Their set supporting Thunder in Cardiff… fabulous stuff)
4) The Temperance Movement – ‘A Deeper Cut’ (Earache – The band’s best since that awesome debut)
5) W.E.T. – ‘Earthrage’ (Frontiers – This new music from Soto, Mårtensson and Säll is F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.!)
6) Dukes Of The Orient – ‘Dukes Of The Orient’ (Frontiers – Silky, melodic pomp-rock doesn’t get too much better)
7) Damian Wilson & Adam Wakeman – ‘The Sun Will Dance In Its Twilight Hour’ (Blacklake – A mesmerising two-man collaboration)
8) Damian Wilson – ‘Built For Fighting’ (Blacklake – Available since 2016, but I’ve *finally* got it on vinyl!)
9) Burn – ‘Ice Age’ (Melodic Rock – Some fillers at the end but otherwise what a great melodic hard rock record)
10) The Sheepdogs – ‘Changing Colours’ (Dine Alone – Killer retro-rock from Saskatoon, Canada)
11) Space Elevator – ‘Space Elevator II’ (SPV – This is one heck of a grower…)
12) Jared James Nichols – ‘Black Magic’ (Listenable – Okay, it came out last year but this coloured vinyl adds three bonus tracks!)
13) David Byron – ‘Baby Faced Killer’ (Floating World – The first time I’ve owned it on CD… patchy but good bits are great!)
14) Little Caesar – ‘Eight’ (Golden Robot – Still hard rockin’, still soulful…)
15) No Hot Ashes – ‘No Hot Ashes’ (Frontiers – Back after 34 years away and produced by Messrs Goldsworthy and Jupp, this is a darned fine return!)
16) Skam – ‘The Amazing Memoirs Of Geoffrey Goddard’ (www.skamuk.com – What a massive improvement on what went before!)
17) Wayward Sons – ‘Ghosts Of Yet To Come’ (Frontiers – Ex-Little Angels/Fastway singer Toby Jepson returns in fine voice)
18) Tribulation – ‘Down Below’ (Century Media – Saw them with Arch Enemy and their album is outstanding)
19) Stuckfish – ‘Calling’ (Sonic Portrait – Fantastic melodic prog-rock)
20) Signal Red – ‘Under The Radar’ (Escape Music - Powerful and fiery yet well-grounded in a melodic sense)
21) Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins’ – ‘Pawn And Prophecy’ (Frontiers – All-star power-metal combo led by the Symphony X bassist)
22) Fabio Lione-Allessandro Conti – ‘Lione v Conti’ (Frontiers – It’s a melodic power-metal meltdown!)
23) Billy Walton Band – ‘Soul Of A Man’ (No Fret – Bluesy, funky and uplifting!)
24) Seven More Days – ‘Little Dark Pleasures’ (Sevenmoredays.com – Hard rock/metal with lashings of light and shade)
25) Neon Animal – ‘Bring Back Rock ‘N’ Roll From The Dead’ (Cargo – Sleazy, wasted-sounding, bubblegum-esque rock ‘n’ roll)

January 2018
1) Michael Schenker Fest – ‘Resurrection’ (Nuclear Blast – This will be among the best releases of 2018)
2) Ammunition – ‘Ammunition’ (Frontiers – Nü-AOR genius from Erik Mårtensson and Åge Sten Nilsen)
3) Nightwish – ‘Decades’ (Nuclear Blast – So many great songs!)
4) Curved Air – ‘Airconditioning’/‘Air Cut’ (Esoteric Recordings – Newly expanded editions of albums from 1970 and ’73)
5) Raintimes – ‘Raintimes’ (Frontiers – US-style pure-AOR… from Italy!)
6) Jon Butcher Axis – ‘Jon Buther Axis’ (Escape Music – For the first time on CD… this li’l gem stands up very well!)
7) Vandenberg’s Moonkings – ‘Mk II’ (Mascot – Always loved this guy’s work!)
8) Mollie Marriott – ‘Truth Is A Wolf’ (Amadeus Music – Newly tweaked version of her debut, previously issued in 2015)
9) Rick Derringer – ‘Joy Ride: Solo Albums 1973-1980’ (Hear No Evil – Four-disc set… such an underrated body of work!)
10) Kayak – ‘Seventeen’ (Inside Out – Delicious symphonic prog from Holland… with cameo from Andy Latimer)
11) Malinda Moye – ‘Bad As I Wanna Be’ (Leopard – Malinda’s mix of funk, rock and soul can be a bit too poppy for me, but I love what she does!)
12) Michael Schenker – ‘A Decade Of The Mad Axeman’ (Inakustik – Double-disc anthology)
13) Robin Beck – ‘Love Is Coming’ (Frontiers – Sprightly, colourful, fun AOR)
14) Jessica Wolff – ‘Grounded’ (Metalopolis – Not sure why I love this slice of pop-rock like I do… but it’s great)
15) Perfect Beings – ‘Vier’ (Inside Out – Dreamy, blissful prog… ideal for a Sunday morning chillout)
16) Matthew Fischer – ‘Matthew Fischer’/ ‘Strange Days’ (Angel Air – Two-on-one re-issue of the Procol Harum keyboardist’s solo work)
17) Prayer – ‘Silent Soldeiers’ (Escape Music - These Finns weld a colourful, pompous edge to a fairly robust strand of AOR)
18) Pretty Boy Floyd – ‘Public Enemies’ (Frontiers – The Aldi edition of Mötley Crüe… oddly, this catchy collection includes a track by Nikki Sixx)
19) Bodast – ‘Towards Utopia’ (Esoteric Recordings – The ‘lost’ debut from Steve Howe and company)
20) John Steel with Doogie White – ‘Everything Or Nothing’ (John Steel – Bulgarian metalheads are joined by the estimable Mr White… not too shabby!)

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