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Friday 5th January
What an astonishing way to begin 2018's concert calendar. The band we had assumed were no more, promoting the album we feared would never be made on a tour that the bookies might have bet against. Yeah, after an absence of six years Black Country Communion took to the stage at Hammersmith, delivering more than two hours of timeless, classic hard rock. Leading from the front, Glenn Hughes had grown his hair out - you ain't seen nuthin' yet, apparently... he's going for the full-on California Jam retro look! - and sang with the pipes of a man half his age. With musical chops to die for and a catalogue of material that sounds as though it was recorded back in the 1970s, BCC have all bases covered. And by golly... now THAT'S how to cover 'Mistreated', lol!! Just wait till the live album/DVD of this show is released... you won't believe your ears and eyes. This was sensational, awe inspiring stuff and it was great to have a catch-up natter to Glenneth at the after-show bash in the balcony, also to chat with Maiden's Adrian Smith, who like myself was blown away by the performance.
Oh, and for any guitar nerds reading this… during the gig, after I posted the live piccie, Andy Powell of Wishbone Ash responded: “Hmmm .... that looks like my old Flying V.” Andy had believed that Joe B now owned said instrument – one of just 98 manufactured. Afterwards, I asked Mr Bonamassa whether this was true. He replied emphatically that it wasn’t so. So now you know!
Dave Ling Online
Thursday 4th January
There are still so many leftovers from the NYE bash. I'm on the all-Hula Hoop diet for the foreseeable future. At least we have a range of flavours... beef, salt and vinegar and... well, about 15 others. #feelingsick

Wednesday 3rd January
Here are the latest additions to the Playlist and YouTube pages.

Tuesday 2nd January
Saints 1 Palace 2. Nights such as this are why I support CPFC. A truly amazing comeback. Following Jimmy Mac's volleyed equaliser, Luka Milivojevic curls one into the net from 25 yards to win the points at St Mary's. What a dream goal. Watching on a stream in my office, Eddie and I went absolutely bonkers! Hodgson is proving to be a superb appointment for the Palace!! The Eagles soar back up to 14th again. COY-fuggin'-P!!

Monday 1st January

Gruuuhhhhhh... You know you've had a successful New Year's Eve party when:
1) You are still disposing of the empties and washing up at 6.50pm.
2) You use the cloak of darkness to dispose of the dead 'uns in the neighbours' recycling bins because yours could have been filled six times over. Easily.
3) There's still enough unclaimed / unconsumed alcohol to replenish Pete Way's mini-bar for a whole week. Well, maybe for a coupla hours anyway... lol.
Here are a few pics from the night/morning/aftermath.
Dave Ling Online As I type, Bruce Dickinson had just guested on the all-star edition of University Challenge. Very strange seeing him here, but a nice bits of kudos for the metal community which is, of course, generally regarded as a bit on the Neanderthal side... oh, and well done for the autobiography plug in his intro! For one horrible moment I thought he was gonna screw up the Mick Ronson answer!

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