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Friday 11th September
It's time for another visit to London to see my Dad. To be honest, I'd expected the train to be busier. I've brought reading matter a-plenty: the new issue of Classic Rock, complete with my tribute to Pete Way, and Hit Men: Power Brokers And Fast Money Inside The Music Business, an excellent book by the writer Fredric Dannen. It's heartily recommended.
Dave Ling Online [Edit: What a waste of a day. During the journey's early stages the train kept stopping in between stations for long periods of time. Finally it was announced: there had been a flood in a tunnel up ahead in Sevenoaks. I delayed the table for the meal with Dad by an hour and moved the time of his pre-book taxi. At Tonbridge the service terminated and I stood about for a round an hour, but nobody could say for sure how long the blockage might last. In the end it seemed easier to cancel the arrangement entirely, turn back and head for home. Five hours after leaving I got back to West St Leonards having accomplished precisely zero. FFS!]

Thursday 10th September
Fantastic news for fellow Palace fans. Batsman is back! Belgian international striker Michy Batshuayi has joined on a second loan deal from Chelsea until the end of this season, and this time with an option to make the deal permanent. Bas notched six goals in 13 appearances during the 2018/19 season, and is without doubt a quality player.

Wednesday 9th September
This just popped up in the 'memories' section of my Facebook page. The night from four years ago when I was 'attacked' by a Rhino. Lol... Don't worry, it was all good natured fun. Rush fans - don't panic. Geddy Lee isn't dead. He confirms the fact here.
Dave Ling Online
Tuesday 8th September
After 45 minutes on a premium tariff phone line, CPFC season tickets are renewed for 2020/21 despite utterly dickish conditions from the club and the fact that Eddie and I will only get to see a handful of games for a lot of money (the ones we miss are only refunded upon the campaign's completion). Throw in unknown conditions for the matchday experience - testing and ID checks before entry; no beer on the concourse; Christ, will we even be allowed to sing?!? - and I'm wondering why I bothered. It's called blind, unquestioning, illogical loyalty, and I kinda hate myself for it.
As I type I'm busy watching England footballers (versus Denmark) and cricketers (in a T20 game vis the Convicts) simultaneously. Who says men can't multi task?!
[Edit: Given the results of these games, I kinda wish I hadn't bothered].

Monday 7th September

The Who's drummer Keith Moon, AKA Moon The Loon, passed on this date in 1978. His japes are legendary. From the Rolling Stone website, here is a very cool list of his most famous wind-ups. My own favourite is the waterbed in the lift or the winding up of shop assistants in Marks & Sparks; it's a toss-up.
Well, it's taken the best part of a year but circumstances are now right for me to begin work on making an office/album storage space for myself here at the new Gentling Towers. Though I put money aside from the sale of my old gaff in Sarf London, Covid has made it very difficult to find a suitable builder. Though I've been able to muddle through since arriving here, there were many, many times when it felt like my hands were tied behind my back. To do what I do I need easy, speedy access to my albums, vinyl, CDs, magazines, press releases, magazine cuttings and interview archive. The 20th of next month can't come soon enough!

Sunday 6th September
England vs Australia in the second T20 game: Convicts in disarray at 3 for 2, having won the toss. The visitors have no answer to England's pace. Love it!!!
[Edit: England win by six wickets! The result was never in doubt!]

Saturday 5th September
A few words about yesterday - a poignant, emotional day among friends, family and band-mates past 'n' present saying goodbye to the one and only Pete Way. Phil Mogg kindly gave me a lift for a big chunk of the return journey to Bournemouth. Covid restrictions ensured that only 20 people could attend but rest assured there will be a bigger celebration of Way's life as and when normality returns - probably in the form of a concert. At the lectern, Clive Edwards gave an insight into the Pete that he knew and Charlotte and Zowie spoke with humour and warmth of the relationships they had with a father that they saw little of as kids but clearly grew to worship in later years. Zowie looked so much like Pete and had so many of his mannerisms, it was almost scary. To my utter dismay, Pete's younger brother Neill revealed that before becoming an Aston Villa fan there had been a secret dalliance with The Dark Side - for a short while Pete supported ManUre (!) Outside the Crematorium the many wreaths were mostly in the claret and blue of the Villa. My eye was drawn to one that stood out defiantly - it was black and white. I assumed it was a Newcastle United-themed tribute from Quireboys frontman Spike. Closer inspection revealed that it came from Steve Harris and the Iron Maiden family, its colours in honour of the stripy stage legwear first adopted so memorably by Pete and later bequeathed to 'Arry. A lovely gesture.
Dave Ling OnlineDave Ling OnlineDave Ling OnlineDave Ling Online Dave Ling OnlineDave Ling OnlineAlthough the mood was sad, love and laughter filled the air - especially at the wake, where pints flowed and many a classic Way story was recounted. To top it all, having left home at 7.30am to meet up with Monsewer Mogg, I arrived back in St Leonards around 1am, only to find the kebab shop closed. DAMMIT!!!
Rest well, Pete. You will be much missed.

Friday 4th September
It's just before midnight and I'm behind enemy lines at Shiteon Station, on the way home from an emotional, energy sapping but enjoyable day saying goodbye to a true legend. As the song goes: 'Half the time it could seem funny/The other half just too sad'.
Dave Ling Online
Thursday 3rd September

Ross Halfin has just posted a preview of the new issue of Classic Rock. Great cover. Nice work, Ross. On sale September 15. Please note: Pete is on the subscribers editions only. The version on sale elsewhere features Motorhead. A limited quantity of the Pete issue will be available from here.
Dave Ling Online
One for the historians out there: On September 3rd, 1990, Judas Priest unleashed the classic 'Painkiller'. Here's a story I wrote about it for Metal Hammer back in 2003.

Wednesday 2nd September
Metal Hammer have asked me to review the new album from Armored Saint, the welcome return of "the headbangingest band in Los Angeles". I'm very much digging their newie, 'Punching The Sky' (due via Metal Blade on October 23).
Wondering what else I'm listening to right now? Wonder no more!

Tuesday 1st September
Unexpected but great news: One of my fave bands, the UK's own Black Spiders, are back from the dead. #FUBS

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