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Thursday 30th May
Madfish/Snapper do these deluxe boxes so bloody well. It was an absolute honour to write the hardback book to accompany its eight discs of Family at the Beeb which contains a treasure trove of unreleased material.
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Thursday 23rd May
This afternoon's listening material... what a revelation!
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Wednesday 22nd May
Whiskey Myers at the Electric Ballroom. Southern... sorry, Suvvern (according to my friend Xavier Russell)... rock with a massive smile on its face.
Dave Ling Online
Sunday 12th May
The last day of the season is always emotional. Saying goodbye to peeps like Jules and Punch and seeing the players on the pitch with their kids - wow, my eyes dampened as Speroni couldn't find the words to make a speech. For me, though, the loveliest moment was seeing Andros Townsend and his tiny daughter playing together in the Holmesdale Road goalmouth. She just kept running toward the fans as they cheered her. It was lovely.
Dave Ling Online
Friday 10th May
Be honest: How many bands that you saw 30 years ago not only still cut the mustard but have actually improved with age? It's a very small list and, on the evidence of last night's show at the Brixton Eletric, The Wildhearts are right there on it.
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Thursday 9th May
The statistics say it all: 15 years. 405 games, 112 clean sheets, 4 x Player Of The Season awards. I'll be very sad to see Julian Speroni leave Selhurst Park. He is the very soul of place. Wish the story had said where he was going and what he's planning to do with the rest of his life? I will forever thank Jules for so many great games and especially that brilliant, all-important save against Twatford in the Play Off Final that took the club back into the top flight.
Dave Ling Online
Wednesday 8th May
Digging through my files of early Iron Maiden cuttings and memorabilia I found this vintage set-list from the Marquee Club, December 19th, 1980. Cool huh?
Dave Ling Online
Sunday 5th May
With the house refurb almost complete, Dad came by for Sunday lunch and helped to fix the strimmer so we could mow the lawn but made the catastrophic error of throwing the frisbee to Bob 'Once Is Not Enough' The Dog. 20 minutes later the cycle is still ongoing. Who will blink first?
Dave Ling Online
Saturday 4th May

An all too rare CPFC away day and valuable father and son time. There were no losers today at the Cardiff Shitty Stadium; a Palace win was good (of course) but even if Baaaah-Diff took the points it would shaft relegation-threatened Shiteon. In the end, quality won out and Colin Wanker was left crying.
Dave Ling Online

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