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Wednesday 27th February
One of my fave 'new' bands - The Struts at Shepherd's Bush. Great performance but way too much waffle from Freddie Mercury wannabe Luke Spiller.
Dave Ling Online
Tuesday 26th February
Sensational gig from Steely Dan and Steve Winwood at Wembley Arena, an extra surprise at the end when Elliott Randall walked on for 'Reelin' In The Years', a solid gold classic tune that reportedly features Jimmy Page's all-time favourite guitar solo.
Dave Ling Online
Saturday 23rd February
Blue Öyster Cult made a triumphant return to Hammersmith, a hallowed venue in which I last saw them play in 1984 for two nights on the trail of ‘The Revölution By Night’ (supported by Aldo Nova).
Dave Ling Online
Sunday 17th February
A comfortable, professional win to reach the FA Cup quarter-finals. Nice one, Roy.
Dave Ling Online
Thursday 7th February
King King at Koko. You realise that time is racing along when one of your fave newer bands is out on a tenth anniversary tour. Ulp!
Dave Ling Online
Wednesday 6th February
An emotional visit to the house of Lee Kerslake for a big story that appeared in Classic Rock #261.
Dave Ling Online
Sunday 3rd February

Fulham must hate Jeff Schlupp. Three more priceless points. It was time for a small sherry... or three.
Dave Ling Online

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