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Tuesday 28th February
Started the day with a quick phoner with the one and only John Mayall, Godfather Of The Blues. What a force of nature: the guy is 83 years old, has made 65 original albums, and in the autumn undertakes a 36-show tour of the UK. Me? I needed a lie down after typing up the dates. #respect

Monday 27th February
I'm going to be involved in a book to commemorate this year's 30th anniversary of Earache Records. Just did the first of those interviews, Patrik Wirén of Misery Loves Co., with another two (Pete Lee AKA Qualcast Mutilator of Lawnmower Deth and Gizz Butt of Janus Stark) to follow later in the day. I was unaware that Misery are back together; used to really like that band back in the 1990s. Getting in the mood to talk to Gizz I whipped out the Janus Stark CD and this song from their long-lost 1998 album 'Great Adventure Cigar', which was praised at the time by Dave Grohl, and it blew me away. This project will be pretty interesting, I think...

Sunday 26th February
How nice to watch the early morning rerun of Match Of The Day knowing that your team is out of the bottom three. But Jeez, what a hangover.

Saturday 25th February
It's 6am as I type. I awoke an hour ago and can't get back to sleep over thinking about today's game against fellow relegation candidates Middlesbrough at Selhurst. Oh well, let's see if I can get through the last few episodes of The Night Of before the Linglets arise. Um... is it too early for a mug of tea in the lucky cup with a dash of cherry brandy?
A few hours later on and a big well done is due to Eddie Lemmy Selhurst Ling. That was his best park run yet - five laps of the perimeter of the Ladywell Arena. I managed six. I used to be able to do ten at the peak of my fitness, though both of us are set on improving. Ed, you deserve a few ciders at the footie my son... off to Selhurst we go!!!! COYP.
Dave Ling OnlineCut to pre-match entertainment and I'm with my usual mob of CPFC-mad herberts at the Albert Tavern in Norwood Junction. I'm not saying that we come to this place a lot but they have just given us a season ticket. #serious

Friday 24th February
It seems that Mr Jean Beauvoir has added me to a Plasmatics fan group page on Facebook. I interviewed Wendy O Williams a couple of times and found her a fascinating individual (Lemmy's quote about her - "when Wendy jumped you, you *stayed* jumped" - remains an all-time classic. It's such a shame that she took her own life.
Dave Ling Online As I'm closing down for the night and about to head over to the gym I thought I'd dig out this noisy l'il gem from 1980. I'd forgotten that the players were all isolated from one another during the instrumental section of their scarcely recognisable cover of Bobby Darin's 'Dream Lover'. I used to play it to people I didn't like when they visited my bedsit in Grove Park... it was always guaranteed to clear the room!

Thursday 23rd February
Oh my goodness... Stop everything! Hold the phones! Get the kettle on! Grab a packet of chocky digestives! Draw the curtains! Email alert: 'InsideOut Music has uploaded new content to your DigiPromoDelivery account'. 'The Big Dream', the long awaited second album from Lonely Robot AKA producer, guitarist and singer/songwriter John Mitchell (It Bites, Frost*, Arena), is available to check out for potential reviewers. *Presses 'play' and puts feet up on the desk*...
[Edit: An hour later... Well, that's just the follow-up I'd hoped for. Excellent!!! Check it out on April 28th].

Wednesday 22nd February
It's late afternoon and I've completed the last of the interviews for the Wishbone Ash boxed set coffee table book - 90 mins down a phone line from France with elusive percussionist Steve Upton, the band's mysterious Lord Lucan-style figure (luckily he laughed when I called him that!). A really enjoyable conversation from a real gentleman.

Dave Ling OnlineTuesday 21st February
I don't think I've seen any pix of myself on Instagram before now (apart from the morning following that night with the goat... er, maybe best we don't mention that). However, here's one taken during yesterday's catch-up with Arjen Lucassen, the towering frontman/mastermind of the group Ayreon.
I'm forbidden from divulging the location of our photo session, but let me tell ya the pix will be amazing. Top fella, great band and Arjen's album ('The Source', which offers cameos from James LaBrie, Floor Janse, Tobias Sammat and many more) is rather splendid. Given that its hi-tech storyline is set six billion years ago on Planet Alpha, where computer intelligence has far surpassed that of humanity, he was amused by the fact that I still record my interviews on cassettes! Sometimes the old ways are always the best ways!

Monday 20th February
So you've been sent along to review a gig for Prog magazine and midway through Adam Wakeman asks the crowd: "Was anyone out there expecting a load of progressive rock tunes?" When greeted by a solitary over-enthusiastic cry of affirmation, he sheepishly smiles: "Good". Sure enough, there were no epic pieces about hobbits to be heard last night at Nells Jazz And Blues in South Kensington, no cloaks or revolving stages on view, just two musicians getting an obvious kick out of playing superb songs, at times assisted in their task by family members and volunteers from the audience. As my photo shows, the stage up filled up for a mellifluous 'Weir Keeper's Tale', though of course Damian Wilson requires no vocal assistance whatsoever, those magnificent tonsils soaring above Wakeman's lounge piano backing during a spine-tinging revision of Maiden's 'The Evil That Men Do'.
Dave Ling OnlineHow great that the show's intimate format served to tease the usually docile Wakeman out of his shell, revealing a dry wit ("A man walks into a dentist: 'Excuse me, I think I'm a moth'. The reply comes: 'I'm a dentist, I think you might need a psychiatrist. Why did you come in here?' And the man says: 'Well, I saw the light was on'") and suggesting that the apple really hasn't fallen too far from the tree. Yes, it was a very special night. (But now I've got to make the damned thing sound prog-friendly… yikes!)

Sunday 19th February
How pleasant it was to sit outside on a sunlit patio and make the stuffing balls for Sunday lunch, ahead of a park run with Eddie Lemmy Selhurst Ling and Bob The Dog. If this is just a dress rehearsal for springtime, can the real thing hurry up and arrive please?
I almost shed a nostalgic tear at seeing my good mates Colin Harkness and Dave 'Sniffa' Bryce playing a Spider song together again at the Diamond, Sutton-in-Ashfield last night. I'd love to have been present to have seen that! Regrettably, the journey up North was impossible. However, it can be seen here.

Saturday 18th February
Non-league Lincoln City, take a bow. 81 places beneath top flight Burnley at Turf Moor and yet the home side was slain against insurmountable odds. The FA Cup remains the best football competition in the world.
I guess I would have to describe today as 'bitty'. With no game for the mighty Eagles (we went out of the FA Cup in the Fourth Round at the hands of Man City), I did some invoicing, wrote an obituary for Deke Leonard of Man, located and scanned some old Sounds and Kerrang! clippings for a freelance project, had a final typo check of Hugh Gilmour's superb layouts for the re-issues of 'Just Supposin' and 'Never Too Late' and worked my way through a huge pile of new albums and re-issues. Having been the last person in the gym before it closed, a grocery shop on the way home has set me up nicely for my armchair and a Linglet-free evening. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh...

Dave Ling OnlineFriday 17th February
Having been given the green light to review it in the pages of Classic Rock, I'm really enjoying Jackie Lynton's aptly titled autobiography, I Nearly Made It, Then I Fell Over... But I Always Get Back Up Again. There have been a couple of laugh out loud moments so far, which was a bit embarrassing as I was on the train at the time. Though it's a short book, the printed type is large and the text is filled out with many photos and assorted add-ons (including poems and lists of things that he does and doesn't like), Lynton's fun-loving reputation shines out from its highly enjoyable 93 pages. The ex-Savoy Brown singer is probably best known for winning over the 1982 Reading Festival with a piece of loveable smut called 'The Hedgehog Song', and his style of prose is a splattergun of random quick-fire gags and reminiscences – "I left my wife a note: 'Just popping over to Ritchie Blackmore's house'. That was on the Friday. I finally arrived home on the Monday" – and he has tales to tell from the likes of Lemmy, Stevie Wonder, Lennon, McCartney, Phil Collins and, of course, the mighty Status Quo, whose 1977 live album Lynton famously introduced with the immortal words: "Is there anybody out there wants to rock...?" At 76, Lynton still performs with his band. I really must make a point of seeing him again.
Next in line for review: Sebastian Bach's book, 18 And Life On Skid Row. I wonder whether he mentions our little fall-out over the album 'Subhuman Race' in 1995. I expect not... hahaha.

Thursday 16th February
So Steel Panther have a brand new studio album called 'Lower The Bar' and decided to play an unplugged gig in a bar that, frankly, couldn't get any lower. Hmmm... I wonder where that might be? And more to the point, I guess it would of me be rude not to be there, especially given the offer of some complimentary drinkies.
Dave Ling OnlineYep, last night was spent at the Crobar in the company of frontman Michael Starr, guitarist Satchel, a packed audience and a wealth of perpetually recycled filth and innuendo, most of which seemed to involve inadequate penis size, drug abuse and/or oversized breasts. I'll be honest, my opinion of Steel Panther has been known to swing pendulum-like from enjoying their albums - they've all been pretty chuckleworthy - to disbelief and a degree of resentment over their popularity (here in the UK the band can now comfortably headline London's Wembley Arena... a little ridiculous if you ask me). However, though they're a spoof they're bloody good at what they do and within the cramped confines of the Cro the likes of 'Community Property' ('I would give you the stars in the sky/But they're too far away/If you were a hooker, you'd know/I'd be happy to pay/If suddenly you were a guy/I'd be suddenly gay') had the desired effect. A set of just under an hour was fine, any more than that and I'd have struggled. Whenever I'm asked my opinion of Steel Panther I tend to reply that everyone should see them once, and if you haven't... well, it's probably about time that you did. Last night may have been my fifth... what does that tell you about me, except that I'm a bit of a masochist?!
As you'll have assumed, this morning my head feels very, very poorly. I arrived at the Cro for 6pm and was on last train home just before midnight. But hey, I'm a pro - I have been here at my desk since 8am!

Wednesday 15th February
What a way to start the day. Just as it had been arranged, the office phone line chirruped on the dot of 10am. "Good morning Dave, Tony [Iommi] here. Before we get into the interview, let me say that I'm so glad Classic Rock has started up again. Without a doubt that's the best magazine out there." #wearenotworthy
Dave Ling OnlineTry to imagine how happy I was when the email went 'ping' and I received a message entitled: 'Stone Free Festival announces Blue Öyster Cult, Sweet, The Answer & many more'. Think of that state of blissful contentment: double it, add a couple of zeros and you might be halfway there. The Sweet to play a rock set opening for Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, at a venue that's within walking distance of Ling Mansions??!! Ooooh, Gods Of Rock 'N' Roll, you are spoiling us! In my mind I'm already writing the set list, which includes 'Windy City', 'Need A Lot Of Lovin'', 'Yesterday's Rain', 'Solid Gold Brass' and 'Burn On The Flame'.
This show takes place at the O2 Arena on June 17 – whatever you do, if you're in the London area, DON'T MISS IT!!!

Tuesday 14th February
I enjoyed last night's gig by Danny Worsnop, though thanks to London's rush hour traffic I arrived three songs into the set, which meant I had already missed hearing my favourite track, 'Mexico'. On the strength of what I heard and saw – for TV purposes the volume was kept much quieter than a usual gig, and at times being in the studio felt a bit like listening to a transistor radio – Danny's material is good, though I'd hesitate to describe it as great. Worsnop is an interesting guy, I love the fact that he could get so off his face that he wouldn't even remember writing the song 'High', awakening one morning to find he'd done so on his phone in a state of advanced refreshment. The footage of the gig is well worth watching – click here though the music doesn't begin until 12.23.
Check out this fantastic Facebook post from Pete Way (presumably it's courtesy of his wife Jenny): "The hospital just called to tell me Pete's heart procedure went very well and he is sleeping off the anaesthetic. The best Valentine I could have is Pete alive and well".

Monday 13th February
Tonight I'm heading across the capital to the plush new YouTube London Space gaff over in King's Cross for a special show from Danny Worsnop, who some may know for his roles as the frontman of Asking Alexandria and/or We Are Harlot. However, as you'll be aware if you listen regularly to Planet Rock Radio, the Yorkshireman has also reinvented himself an as 'outlaw country' singer. I must say, I *really* like this track, lifted from the singer's debut solo album 'The Long Road Home' (due on February 17). If The Cadillac Three kept whippets it might sound something like this. Yee and indeed haw, y'all! And eeeh by gum!

Dave Ling OnlineSunday 12th February
Yesterday offered yet another utterly shit day with the round ball. Palace lost again, this time at Stoke, but there was a marked improvement in the team's play. Had we scored first… well, it could have been another game entirely. Oh well, if the worst comes to the worst at least those fuggin' gloryhunters will vanish next year. And my, what a thrilling triumph with the oval-shaped ball as England dramatically beat Wales in the Six Nations.
The line-up for the next Rockingham Festival was announced during Steve Price's Saturday night show on ARFM Radio. Loverboy, Honeymoon Suite, Vega, Airrace, Dare and another slice of Fortune: Wow, I *really* hope I can go again.

Saturday 11th February
Metal Hammer had commissioned me to review last night's sold-out London gig from Anthrax, but it's a show I wouldn't have missed for all of the cider in Somerset. Newly signed to BMG Records, local lads The Raven Age delivered an impressive warm-up set, their sense of melody coloured by plenty of light and shade and delivered cleanly by frontman Michael Burrough. Some will no doubt attribute their presence to nepotism – guitarist George Harris has a father in a *very* famous heavy metal band – but I liked them a lot and will check them out again soon.
Dave Ling OnlineThe 'Thrax were performing their breakthrough album 'Among The Living' in its 30th anniversary year, but a 50-minute fan-requested set including three from the newie 'For All Kings' (my favourite was the drama-charged 'Blood Eagle Wings') came first. The likes of 'A.I.R.', 'Madhouse' and, surprisingly, 'Aftershock', apparently "one we haven't done since 1986", sent the place wild.
So why oh why did the band insist up leaving the stage for a 10-minute interval as their crew changed the backdrop and added a few extra ramps, causing the show to lose valuable momentum? A lot of fans were left confused – there wasn't even time to queue up and buy a beer before Anthrax returned. Puzzling.
Dave Ling Online'Among…' is quite rightly regarded as a landmark heavy metal moment, but despite its undeniable overall excellence it carries a couple of B-list moments, including 'One World' and 'A.D.I.'/'Horror Of It All'. Am I guilty of quibbling? Yeah, maybe. What's not to love about 'Caught In A Mosh', 'I Am The Law', 'Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.)', 'Indians', et al, rounded off by Trust's 'Antisocial'? I'd rather they had played B-side 'I'm The Man' instead of a wanky guitar solo from Jonathan Donais. Rounding things off with their cover of 'Antisocial' by Trust, Anthrax still get a solid nine out of ten from me, especially Joey Belladonna, whose voice remains absolutely first-rate, and the equally evergreen Scott Ian who supplied the quote of the night whilst introducing 'Imitation Of Life': "We live in a crazy world, especially our country. So you thought your shit was fucked up? Holy fuck, when Piers Morgan becomes your prime minister, call me."

Dave Ling OnlineFriday 10th February
There's no time for messing around… I must complete what I've been working on for the last coupla days – a sizeable tribute to Mr Wetton for CR. I will be playing his music and re-reading old interviews (including a few of my own). Hahaha, just realised the spelling of 'Aisa' in the 1982 Sounds story. Whhat an unforgiveable typo! My mate, Vanessa Thorpe (Hammer's notoriously eagle-eyed Production Ed) would do her nut!!!!!
Might need a bit Of a drinkie tonight... how lucky that Anthrax are in town. Yin and yang.
PS. Oi! Guitar nerds... better start practising. The Yng is heading to London (The Forum) on August 2. I don't know whether to be amused or excited.

Thursday 9th February
I'm back to conducting at least one interview per day. Yesterday there were two very contrasting Skype interviews: Ted Turner talking about his Wishbone Ash years for the upcoming boxed set, and Ross The Boss setting the scene for a European tour in March and April. I almost wet myself with laughter when Ross told the tale of a member of his solo band - since replaced! - who refused to tour because he had to stay at home and look after his pet lizard. "I want warriors," groaned the guitarist, "not worriers." Expect a Manowar-friendly set on these dates - it's gonna be awesome.

Wednesday 8th February
This morning my treasured grey sweatshirt from Robert Plant's 'Principle Of Moments' tour had worked its way to the top of the pile, and five hours later I still cannot get this fantastic song out of my head. I'm always in the mood for a melody, of course! Hearing it again made me want to delve back into Percy's solo career, and over on Facebook my pal Neil Pudney reminded of the time at the London's Hammy O on 13.12.83 when Robert was joined onstage by his pal Mr Page. There's some rather good quality audio of it here.
Dave Ling OnlineThe brand new issue of CR is here, complete with the cover story that I hoped I would never have to write – my tribute to Rick Parfitt. Though I won't name names I've had a couple of nice messages from folks associated with 'the camp', so to speak - one assured me that it was a "lovely [fair] cover feature" and reckoned that RP "would have been chuffed" over its contents, which means more to me than any hare-filled keyboard warrior hiding in their bedroom. Luckily, however, so far the feedback is unanimously positive.
Oh, and lookee here – who's this listed among Classic Rock's Contributors Of The Month? Normal service has been resumed, I'm happy to say!

Tuesday 7th February
As lunchtime approaches I'm still attempting to prioritise those melodic albums. One that will definitely make the cut is 'Can't Go Home', the newie from Unruly Child. Perhaps a little too much on the light side but nevertheless a banquet of immensely sophisticated melodic rock, full of well-structured songs and delivered by Marcie Michelle Free in a decidedly male-sounding voice.
[Edit: It's late afternoon and I've just got off the phone with Big Boy Bloater, a fast-rising name in the world of rocking blues. Silly name but a very amusing guy, and my preparation for the interview included a spin of his latest disc, 'Luxury Hobo'... blimey, it's terrific: big, groovy and in places very funny. Bloat, as he likes to be called, treats the blues with a healthy dose of self-mockery and it was a pleasure to talk to him. Schedule allowing, I will take a peek when he appears at Ramblin' Man Fair].

Monday 6th February
I'm thoroughly enjoying a melodic rock Monday, compiling my next column for Classic Rock #234. There's new music from Lionville, Jim Jidhed, Unruly Child, Pride Of Lions, Gotthard, AOR (the band), Tokyo Motor Fist, Mike Tramp, Brother Firetribe, Stefanie, Last Autumn's Dream and quite a few more... the usual embarrassment of riches. I'm allowed to review two of them as standalones, while the rest must be crowbarred into the column (which accommodates five). The maths doesn't really work out, does it? Such a shame. And you should see next month's schedule... Jeez!
Today's interview-ette was with Mark Keds, frontman/guitarist of the Senseless Things, whose classic line-up next month returns to action for the first time since 1995 with a gig at Shepherd's Bush Empire. I used to like the STs, and Keds was also a member of the Wildhearts. I used to like his band Jolt, so talking to him again after many a long year was a lot of fun.

Sunday 5th February
I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT THE FUCKING FOOTBALL, OKAY?! All I can say is that whatever happens over the next coupla months, I will always watch my team in which ever division they're in, and by that I mean have a season ticket and go to as many awaydays as poss. How many of you fuckers can say that?
It's now 9pm and having spent the entire day in 'stop-rewind-play' mode, I've just completed the editing process for the notes for 'Blue For You', 'Just Supposin'' and 'Never Too Late'. Phew, talk about a labour of love. I did the first of these interviews (with Rossi) way back in September. They include quotes from Francis, Rick (RIP), Alan, Spud, Andrew Bown, Bob Young and co-producer John Eden. I like to be meticulous. What an honour to have been involved.

Saturday 4th February
My alarm went off nice 'n' early and Eddie and I headed out to the local gym for a pre-game workout. Afterwards, as we walked back through the shopping centre, Ed playfully suggested: "How about a cheeky half at the Black Cat?" When I agreed, the look on his face was an absolute picture. This afternoon's game is a relegation six-pointer against Sunderland and I'm getting trashed whatever happens.

Friday 3rd February
Lunchtime was spent at a production meeting over at Snapper Records HQ about the Wishbone Ash boxed set 'Vintage Years 1970-1991'. How exciting... all of the group's product released officially within that timeframe, re-mastered by Martin Turner, in addition to a veritable treasure trove of unheard concert material that includes a whole unreleased show recorded for 'Live Dates'. A whopping 31 discs in all, plus a lavish 180-page coffee table book featuring brand new interviews with the five main members (which I've been charged with writing). The photos, gig posters and memorabilia that Snapper have gathered together are just mind-blowing. Expect it at the end of this year.
It's 6pm as I type and I'm winding down for the night. I've just had a very interesting Skype chat with DragonForce guitarist Herman Li. The band's label has hired me to write a biography for their upcoming album. I can't reveal the title at this stage but I must say that it's really, really good – there's even an 11-minute epic track that takes the listener through a variety of twists and turns.
You may have spotted that I'm busing myself with a variety of non-Classic Rock projects in addition to my normal day-to-day duties. If the collapse of TeamRock taught me anything at all, it's the dangers of keeping all of one's eggs in a single basket.

Thursday 2nd February
I'm currently spinning Michael Schenker's overdub-free new double-live album from Tokyo, which features a plethora of special guests. Michael plays like a god, obviously, but much as it pains me to say this as I was a huge fan of his in MSG's heyday, Gary Barden should no longer be allowed anywhere near a stage... unless of course he's sweeping it. It hurts me a little to say something so harsh as a singer Gary was a breath of fresh air on the first coiuple of MSG albums. I thought he was brilliant, really I did.
Dave Ling OnlineMuch of today was spent transcribing Mr Rossi's interview for the final set of vintage-era Status Quo re-issues. I knew there were serious problems, of course, but had no idea how close he came to quitting whilst they were in Dublin recording 'Just Supposin'' and 'Never Too Late'. "I was enjoying working with [backing vocalist and co-writer] Bernard Frost so much that I just wanted to get out of Quo," Francis says on the tape. "I suspect the rest of the band looked at me and wondered: 'What's going on?' Maybe they were right to have done so."
There was also some silliness, of course, and at one point he interrupted a perfectly serious answer with - "One of these nights I'm gonna come round and cut your hair off while you're asleep, then next time you see me onstage I'll have stolen all of those white bits" - only to plunge back into the conversation right where he'd left off! What a strange fella!

Wednesday 1st February
Well, whisper it quietly but the Diary is back. I will try to keep these updates far more regular than before, I promise.

Firstly I'd like to say thanks so much for the barrage of private emails in response to my recent Captain's Log post. It's always nice to know that one's work is appreciated, and I was immensely moved by the lovely messages I received after Classic Rock went tits-up, especially the one from a fella called Jon Hayward, who signed off with the words: "Without reading your diary I wouldn't have searched out The Western Sizzlers, Space Elevator, Vega, Cats in Space and more, and I would like to see some new tips in the future." Thanks a million, guys and girls… really.

So Classic Rock and its associated titles are back from the dead – and what an effort it took from their respective production teams, after computers, DTP equipment and office furniture were all sold by the liquidators. Of course that meant starting pretty much from scratch.

My last few days have been spent writing a set of sleeve essays for the expanded editions of Quo's 'Blue For You', 'Just Supposin'' and 'Never Too Late'. What a complete gentleman Alan Lancaster is. Due to the fact that I am an incompetent technophobe our last Skype chat about was unusable, so Nuff just gave me another 45 mins of his time to re-do the thing from scratch.

Oh, and how utterly disrespectful for The Francis Rossi Band Now Trading As Status Quo to announce some non-'Aquostic' shows in the summertime. Remind us, what was The Last Night Of The Electrics about again? Francis can protest all he likes about maintaining his standard of living, but I find this latest U-turn impossible to swallow.

I must say that the death of John Wetton has hit me hard. I interviewed him many times from the earliest days of CR, though we had a bit of a falling out over an Asia album review of mine. It's quite sad that our last dealings were a bit unpleasant but that will never taint my memory of a guy who until that point had always been open, warm, friendly and honest.

This morning I logged on to discover that yet another fine individual and wonderful musician had gone. I never met Deke Leonard but we did a couple of entertaining phone interviews ("There was a period during the 1970s when all the acid labs in the world were working at full production, just to keep the Manband supplied"), I saw Man live several times and his books were hilarious. He will be missed. And what an awful coincidence that Man's early producer, John Schroeder (who also worked with Quo), is now dead too.
The last story I did on Man came out in January 2007 at the time of a double-CD anthology called 'Keep On Crinting: The Liberty/UA Years 1971-1975'. If anyone is considering checking them out, that's a good starter point. By then the band were already being taken over by what Deke called "the next generation", and since then Son Of Man have gone on to make a rather tremendous self-titled record, which is only fair as Deke told me that day: "Man belongs to those who play in it."

Dave Ling OnlineThe only small consolation is the previous night's fine victory over Bournemouth, which has *really* put a spring in my step: Scott 'Goal Machine' Dann scores again, and Big Ben nods in a second at the death. Wonder of wonders – Crystal Palace keep a clean sheet and bring the three points back to London. That was much better, lads. Could the Allardyce era finally be up and running?

Oh, by the way… click on the following links for those monthly updates of the Playlist and YouTube pages.

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