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Sunday 28th April
Monster Truck rocking the Electric Ballroom. I've seen these fast-rising Canucks opening for the likes of Deep Purple and Nickelback but their natural environment is a hot, sweaty club with the amps cranked up to 11 - few bands of their level do it better.
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Friday 26th April
Joe Bonamassa at the Royal Albert Hall with the lovely Amanda and her son Ewan. Great seats and terrific sound. Good set-list, too.
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Monday 22nd April

Can I get a season ticket?
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Sunday 21st April
I've had neither the cash nor time for away games over Palace's last couple of seasons. So, having spent 12 months in gainful employment, Eddie has begun to attend them alone. His excitement at beating the Arse yesterday, and at returning home to see himself on Match Of The Day having run to the front of the stand to celebrate the second goal, took me right back to my own youth spent travelling up and down the country in support of the famous Red & Blue. The lad carried himself well when interviewed on Arsenal Fan TV, too - without gloating or swearing (as I had feared he might). He made me very, very proud. What have I started?!
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Saturday 20th April
A very, very Good Friday at the Borderline - Airrace and Tytan at the Borderline. The sheer sense of elation projected by the performers was almost impossible to resist.
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Friday 19th April
Bob is happy to see his friend Maggie again, this time pressed up on Ginger Wildheart's Record Store Day picture disc single of 'I Wanna Be Yours'. Awww, look at that face...
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Thursday 18th April
A terrific dressing room shot of myself with Tobi and Little Bob from the Avantasia gig in London. With me serving as fly on the wall, together the pair did an interview that appeared in Classic Rock #264.
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Wednesday 17th April
Avantasia at a sold-out Forum. A whopping three hours and 15 minutes from Tobias Sammet and his co-stars Geoff Tate, Bob Catley, Eric Martin, Ronnie Atkins and Jørn Lande. The laws of common sense tell us this should not have worked, but it really does.
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Tuesday 16th April
A nice photograph of myself with Savoy Brown's Kim Simmons from his visit to London a few days ago.
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Monday 15th April
Eden's Curse, Mob Rules and Degreed at the Underworld. Great gig. I know it was a Sunday night but where was the bloody crowd?
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Sunday 14th April
RIP Paul Raymond... I have no words.
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Saturday 13th April
Friday night blues, Savoy Brown and Stan Webb's Chicken Shack at Under The Bridge (spit! *). Kim Simmons from Savoy gave me a wonderful interview.
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Friday 12th April
After I did a nice little interview about his Acoustic Trio for Classic Rock, Steve Harley was kind enough to invite us to a show. We came see him, he made us smile.
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Thursday 11th April
Mike Tramp at the Black Heart. A great gig - as usual. Tramp revealed that not too long ago he had spoken to his estranged White Lion partner Vito Bratta and now appreciates the reasons for the guitarist’s reluctance to play music again. It was a poignant moment and after so many years of bitterness, one suspects, a pivotal one in Tramp’s life.
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Sunday 7th April
A nice helping of neo-prog from Arena at ULU after Palace guarantee their survival in the Premier League with victory at Newcastle, a first win at St James Park in 17 attempts. You knew it would be our day when the commentator said: “Newcastle are going to call on the artistry of Jonjo Shelvey.” #carthorse
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Saturday 6th April
24 hours later we were quite a lot closer to the stage at the Forum. Lol. Still finding it hard to believe that this was my final sighting of such an important band. Nice to catch up with Vinnie More afterwards.
Dave Ling Online
Friday 5th April
UFO at Shepherd's Bush Empire - penultimate night of their final UK tour. I respect Phil Mogg's's decision, of course, but when there are so many bands that just don't deliver anymore, fronted by alleged 'singers' who can no longer sing, UFO really should *not* be splitting up.
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