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Dave Ling OnlineSunday 4th March
Chemistry… there’s no point bothering if you ain’t got it. Closing the UK leg of their third annual Snake Oil and Harmony trek, Danny Vaughn and Dan Reed have it in spades. It’s not simply the way their voices blend or the manner in which the tunes complement one another, the friendly, laid-back banter between the pair is… well, the only word is special. Two guys, a couple of acoustic guitars and a vast catalogue of songs, no set-list and audience requests not so much welcomed as encouraged. “I wrote this song in a Tibetian monastery around 12 years ago,” Reed said, introducing ‘On Your Side’ and the Borderline guffawed along with Vaughn: “Who starts out a story like that? I feel so diminished. My songs come from strip clubs, my bedroom and divorces” but once the laughter faded a reverential hush descended – you could almost hear the metaphorical drop of a pin. When somebody asked for ‘Let It Go’, from the Network’s ‘The Heat’, Reed’s rehearsal-free rendition was simply stunning – even Danny stood to applaud.
Dave Ling OnlineBack and forth they went: Dan V served with ‘Is That All There Is’, ‘Wings To Fly’, ‘Letting Go’, ‘Reach’, ‘Catch My Fall’ and 'Standing Alone' and Dan R volleyed back over the net with ‘Smile’, ‘Rainbow Child’, ‘On Your Side’, ‘Avalanche’, ‘Distant Star’, 'Ritual' and ‘Tiger In A Dress’. There were fewer covers this time around, though Vaughn doffed his cap to former Waysted band-mate Pete Way with ‘Heaven Tonight’ (“We don’t always see eye to eye but I wish him long life and good health”) and excelled on Queen’s ‘Love Of My Life’, and we also heard the pair’s first jointly written composition, ‘Where The Water Goes’. The reaction suggested that by the time they come round again in 2019 there might be a Snake Oil LP to enjoy. Hope so!
Dave Ling OnlineHow nice that Mr Reed would join us in the Crobar afterwards, performing his incredible glass-balancing tricks and even entrusting Amanda and I with his beloved guitar whilst wandering around the place to hang out with those that had been at the show. What a guy.

Saturday 3rd March
I’m very much looking forward to seeing Dan Reed and Danny Vaughn's Snake Oil & Harmony show this evening at the Borderline. Their previous London dates in 2015 and '16 were among the finest of those years. Oh... and I believe there's a famous rock bar just a few feet away? Stays open late, too...

Thursday 1st March
What's that you say? It's March already?! Phew. Incredible. Better update the Playlist and YouTube pages. Enjoy!

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