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Dave Ling OnlineThursday 14th December
Throwback Thursday: The day in 1995 that my old mate Mark 'Barney' Greenway of Napalm Death and I visited Asia at their studio in Wandsworth during the recording of the album 'Arena'. Both of us fell in love with its awesome title track. Such great memories.

Wednesday 13th December
Dave Ling Online As you'd expect, quite a few adult beverages were consumed in the Red & Blue Bar at Selhurst Park after last night's dramatic win over Twatford that lifts the Palace out of the dreaded bottom three for the first time this season. The visitors had led fort pretty much the entire game, but as the clock ran down Bakary Sako bundled in an equaliser and, two minutes later, James McArthur side-footed home from Wilfried Zaha's cross to claim all three points. From a state of resigned desperation, Selhurst went bananas. After that disastrous start to the season, the great escape could be on.

Tuesday 12th December
I've just been thumbing through my archive of old programmes of 'coming attractions' at the Marquee Club from the years 1980 to 1991. A few sheets are missing so I was thrilled to find exactly what I was looking for - 3.6.85... the Yng's UK debut show, reviewed by yours truly in the pages of Kerrang! Yeah, the one that so many people assumed was a secret gig by Springsteen! #itpaystobeahoarder
Dave Ling Online
Monday 11th December
Oh gosh, Keith Chegwin has died at the age of 60. Thanks to Swap Shop and breakfast TV (remember when he would run down people's streets knocking on doors and demanding entry to living rooms?), Cheggers was a big part of my childhood and adolescence. His enthusiasm was always so contagious.

Sunday 10th December
Saturday night was spent at the Electric Ballroom at the birthday party of a very good mate - hi Jeff! - and trying to forget about that Goddamned extra time penalty miss against Bournemouth. With the score locked at 2-2 why on earth did Benteke grab the ball from regular spot lick specialist Luka and whack it straight at the keeper? Those two missed points could be crucial. AAARRRRGGGGGGGGGG!
Dave Ling OnlineStill, the Gun gig was superb... the Glaswegians rarely disappoint, well... not since the pitiful and now 20-year-old set '0141 632 6326', which was inexplicably produced by INXS keyboard player Andrew Farriss. A guest appearance from Lauren Harris on 'Steal Your Fire' was a nice little extra!

Saturday 9th December
Don't look now but the December updates for the Playlist and YouTube pages are up. Wonders will never cease, huh?!

Dave Ling OnlineFriday 8th December
I spent a big chunk of this evening at Hammersmith where Cats In Space absolutely nailed it on the last night of their UK tour with Quo. That I'm back here by 11.30pm tells you I didn't hang around too long for the headliners; indeed, I was outta there and heading South by the first of the show's medleys. Rhino singing 'Rain'? It’s a ‘no’ from me. And Richie Malone singing 'Little Lady'. Twice no. If the band are going to continue playing songs written by Rick then they should at least hire a musician capable of delivering them with a degree of style.

Thursday 7th December

Back in the 1990s when I worked on RAW magazine we had an occasional psycho-analysis feature which posed deep and meaningful questions to rock stars. One of which was something along the lines of: ‘Your band is threatened with extinction but can save itself by wiping out a rival. Nobody will know your course of action. What do you do?’ When I posed said teaser to Lars Ulrich of Metallica, he grinned nervously and replied: “Hey, didn’t we already do that to Diamond Head?”
Dave Ling OnlineDecades on, Metallica continue to bestride the globe’s stadiums but Diamond Head – in the form of guitarist Brian Tatler – remain stuck in poky dives, stubbornly refusing to die. And why should they? The presence of livewire lead singer Rasmus Bom Anderson has lit a fire beneath the band’s creative posterior. If you asked which gig I enjoyed more; Metallica at the O2 Arena a few months ago or last night’s Diamond Head show for a couple of hundred diehards at the Islington Academy’s smaller hall, well… I’d have to think long and hard before answering. And David would most likely leave Goliath with one hell of a black eye.
And on a much more sombre note, I'm currently writing a final bunch of mini-obituaries for 2017 (I hope!): DikMik from Hawkwind, Chuck Mosley, Paul Buckmaster, David Cassidy, Charles Manson and Johnny ‘The French Elvis’ Hallyday… what an unusual collective.

Dave Ling OnlineWednesday 6th December
I’ve just bought an early Christmas present to myself. Unbelievably, despite my double-gatefold vinyl being somewhat well-worn I have never owned 'Seconds Out' on CD before, though it was the first Genesis album that I heard. As a young lad I taped it on loan from the audio section of Bromley Library, but it was quite impossible to fit onto a C90. From memory, the best I could do put the first and third sides on one side of a cassette, followed by two and four. Even then 'Supper's Ready' would cut out during its conclusion 'As Sure As Eggs Is Eggs (Aching Men's Feet)' with the words, 'Just like the river...'. Each time I would cry, 'Aaarrrrrrrrggggggg!'

Dave Ling OnlineTuesday 5th December

Well, that was quite a birthday party - last night the Electric Boys celebrated the 25th anniversary of their second album, 'Groovus Maximus', at the Camden Underworld. I've always loved this hugely underrated Swedish band. They played the album in its entirety, natch, tweaking the running order for the sake of continuity and throwing in the rarely performed 'When Love Explodes' in the early stages. A three-song encore introduced the brand new number 'Dishes' along with funk-o-metal party faves 'All Lips 'N' Hips' and 'Electrified' (the latter introduced by a teaser of Frank Zappa's 'I'm The Slime' on the latest anniversary of this death and also 'Tom Sawyer' by Rush). It was all too much for the excitable pair of ladies stood to my right who let out squeals so loud that Conny Bloom could hear them from the stage above the music. I'm looking forward to the next album. Last night the turnout was pretty sparse; I hope it's because there are so many gigs during the build up to Christmas. The Electric Boys deserved far, far better.

Monday 4th December
It's another pink 'n' fluffy AOR Monday and I'm writing my latest melodic rock column for Classic Rock. Ammunition (Erik Mårtensson and Åge Sten Nilsen) is rocking my world... big time!!! Ditto Tony Mills' 'Streets Of Chance' (released via his own label, Battlegod Productions). Unlike so many contemporaries from those days, The ex-Shy/TNT frontman can still sing as though it’s the 1980s. It's an exquisite slice of melodic hard rock.
Dave Ling OnlineThe revamp of Selhurst Park has been confirmed at a press conference!!! The plans look bloody amazing!! And we are NOT leaving SE25! I am so happy I could almost burst!
A few months ago I did an interview with Rhino Edwards, Status Quo's current bass player, touching upon his career, the years with Quo and his 'outside band', Rhino's Revenge. It appears to have caused a bit of a shitstorm over at the Unofficial Quo Message Board. Read it here. I must say, I really like Rhino as a guy. My dealings with him have always been good and positive, even though John knows my stance on the band since he replaced Alan Lancaster. And I fully respect his right to the opinions he voices during the story. However, I was more than a little shocked by some of its comments – was there really any need to bad-mouth Nuff and Spud? Nope.

Dave Ling OnlineSunday 3rd December
Oh, what a night at the Underworld. Lionheart and Airrace pulled a decent-sized crowd, and the reaction to their music was simply joyous. I was too busy jumping around and, I admit, quite a few ciders had been sunk. And I failed dismally to scribble down any notes on the faithful BlackBerry. Thus I cannot sum up the evening any better than my fellow Palace-supporting writer, Andy Nathan. Check it out here. The scribe that Andy mentions "headbanging away with a grin borne of disbelief on his face" during ‘Towers Of Silver’ was, of course, yours truly. Check out the excellent dressing room photo!

Saturday 2nd December
Damn! Palace didn't win away against the Baggies, but thanks to a fairly ugly goalless draw at least we're off the bottom of the table.
Anyway, I've been looking forward to this one since it was announced several months back: Lionheart and Airrace at the Camden Underworld. Air keys set to stun for a night of high quality pomp-meets-AOR… Bring it on!!!

Friday 1st December
Nuclear Blast Records have hired me to write a biography for Michael Schenker’s new album, ‘Resurrection’ (released under the handle of Michael Schenker Fest on March 2 and featuring a guest appearance from Metallica's Kirk Hammett). The phone interview we did together was superb, full of laughs and great comments from Michael. He willingly discussed the scaling down of his career after leaving UFO and the Scorpions - "I decided that I only wanted to do small stuff – I needed to be comfortable. It didn’t work out that way because Peter Mensch [his manager of the era] took me to [audition for] Aerosmith, and then Ozzy Osbourne wanted me to join his band.” But now, no longer stricken with the stage fright that has plagued his entire career he "wants to do big things again".
Joining him in Michael Schenker Fest are lead vocalists Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet and Robin McAuley, all of whom went out on the most recent tour, plus Doogie White from his current live and studio band, Temple Of Rock. But Schenker is thinking big. "Maybe in the future we could call it The Ultimate Michael Schenker Fest and have Klaus [Meine of the Scorpions] and [UFO’s] Phil Mogg sing on an album with me?" he says. "Right now that seems far-fetched but in the future, who knows? Time is running out very fast; let’s make the most of everybody being alive.” Hmmm… I suspect Moggie might have something to say about such a suggestion!
In the meantime, check out the video for the track ‘Warrior’, which airs today.

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